Gardner Minshew II Mic’D Up vs. Dolphins (Week 3) | Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ken Hill Reply

Do we have a defense? A pee-wee team can score on us.I love Minshew.

Jim Shock Reply

Bro, I love Minshew Mississippi accent combined with that tone of voice.

RobertGi Reply

Minshew mania

Elena's Dad Reply

He has to play better. No doubt he will against the bengals.

    BiGsImY Reply

    Oh yeah he’ll get it done

Jakerton97 Reply

Let’s get a few wins in a row and get to 3-2 before Houston. Go be the guy minshew because I’m running out of patience if we have to find another franchise quarterback.

Zach Becker Reply

i want what’s best for the team, but you got to love this guy i really hope they stick with him and he proves himself

Cody Russen Reply

One of the most embarrassing games in a long time. Getting blown out by a 0-2 team on national tv. Not getting my hopes up anymore.

    Ray nixon Reply

    We waited to be on national tv to play at our worst

    sky langford Reply

    That’s the jaguars way. Get everyone’s hopes up just to sink em……

    Andrew Underwood Reply

    Been here a decade. Learned this lesson 5 times.

Ray nixon Reply

This might have been the worst game minshew played in his career

    Jack Fransen Reply

    He actually wasn’t that bad especially with 3 Olinemen out as well as chark. Still wasn’t the greatest game but not as bad as the Texans game in London last year.

    MR ICEMELL0W Reply

    Didn’t he throw for 275 yards 30/42 or 45 pass attempts still good 2 me

    Jack Fransen Reply

    MR ICEMELL0W ya also 3 dropped passes. I’m not worried Minshew still looks pretty good.

sky langford Reply

Despite his bad night and I can literally say that for the entire team, he’s the qb going forward. Now maybe just a little defense?

Hands2Great Tv Reply

Winning solves Everything

Dylan Tarre Reply

This guy is a leader, even in the face of adversity.

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