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The anti-Brady is born

    Iyzlo Kenobi


Alabaster Pringles

Gardner Mishew is the real deal .. looks like the jags have finally found a QB

    Rican Daddi79

    @Andrew K Wtf are you on??? Bortles was NEVER this accurate nor ever came back from 17-3🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Bortles has never led any comebacks like this at all😂😂😂

    M DCC

    Brady Letz L did you just call Fournette a top 5 running back 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡
    I know your a Jags fan but please have some respect for some other guys

    パンク / punk

    @M DCC maybe not in the NFL but this season as of now he is a top 5 RB.

    The ToasT

    Jags in 1st place.. go Minshew!

    Tod Williams

    @Andrew K stop smoking dude

Big White Duck

He was visibly upset but you could see the aura surrounding him. Poor Broncos fans didn’t even see it coming


Can’t believe Minshew is pulling a Foles on Foles and turning a Foles into A Minshew which technically started as a Brady.

    benny pitt

    you played with rubix cubes when you were a child didn’t you?

    Vedaant Srivastava


    Go Jags

    I stole this just letting you know

    BOBMAN 4900

    Nothing about aaron rodgers?

    Eric Casanova

    thats what she said

Mick Antoine

Let’s go jags great comeback we needed this

Kyle C

Wow, all i can say.. is wow. Reminds of doug flutie with his escape/big play ability.

    Noah Larsen

    I was thinking the exact same thing during the game!

    cherrocco berry

    Nope …Mark Brunell

stan shaud

It’s the mustache guys…. it’s the mustache.



    Juan Ignacio Ordoqui

    The 70’s pornstar mustache

    Trevor Herberg


bruce lau

Mishew is DA real deal , the Jags finally found their QB

    Psn: HeartBreakBed

    bruce lau I hope so.


    Tosses dimes and throws nice catchable balls. Won’t give up. Resourceful. Respect.

Rada Gilliam

Bortles who? Foles who? Minshew Magic, Mustache Minshew! 😂😂

    Riley Corcoran

    Bortles put us jags fans through 4-5 years of hell

    Miguel Montenegro

    @Riley Corcoran there is sunshine after the rain lol

    Mike Artillery

    Foles Superbowl Champion MVP… that’s who…

    John Green-Trujillo



    @Riley Corcoran hell? An afc Championship appearance and a stat line better than some starting quarterbacks today and that was hell?


1:57 dodging 3 defenders like that and still find the TD. Minshew is legit

    Jacob Veale

    i counted 4 lol

    Xander Roberts

    Just goes to show he’s not a quitter and the Broncos still suck haha

    Tony Cortes

    Best “scramble” TD in the pocket I have ever seen haha And it was FOUR guys he juked. OUTSTANDING WORK!


    One of the best escape and TD to end it

New Era

He just continues to impress me.

Chang Yang

How does he do it? He just has that ability to escape getting sacked. Super entertaining to watch.

    Ryan Pork

    Dude looked like messi without the ball on his feet

Jr Miss

6th rounder takes over for super bowl champ 😏 never seen this b4


    Drew Bledsoe didn’t win his Super Bowl though.

    Jr Miss

    ML he was on the team for the patriots in my eyes so therefore Bledsoe is still a Super Bowl champ


    @Jr Miss So Jags to the Super Bowl this season then. Book it!

    Jr Miss

    ML yes indeed

Dad_ Pool91

Uncle Rico owning up to his own hype…..that dude is my spirit animal

cherrocco berry

R. Armstead will add special sauce to the running game. Just Watch
Mark my Words. (Pending no injury)

Myth Acis/Ultra

This guy lost the football and managed to pick up the ball and end up throwing the football to his receiver

    Big Ole Nate

    That and the play at 1:56. Dude so far is pretty badass

    Tom Delay Beats

    he basically took one dribble and then got the shot off

    neon nihilist

    @Tom Delay Beats yeah lol he didn’t just drop it and pick it up, he was playing two sports at once


    And took a shot to his face at the same time!!


This guy is giving it to every receiver just showing it doesn’t matter who the WR is, aslong as they have hands their catching the ball he throws such dimes

Rollies Ramirez

I think the jags got the steal of the draft.


Doesn’t even include a touchdown pass that got negated because of a hand-to-face penalty. He played very well


All jokes aside Minshew is actually the real deal. Jaguars finally have a QB that can get the job done

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