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Aye Reek

If we force Kirk to beat us throwing the ball we’ll be good. 🐻🔽


    Exactly how we won both times last year. Our run defense is too good.


    Exactly. But same thing with Mitch we need a dominant run game

    Aye Reek

    NWhite it’s gonna be about field position

    Skol Nation

    You haven’t played doom yet

    William Webster

    Skol. Trubisky is Trash but kirk is too lol




Redskins, hostile crowd? Wait what?

    Immanuel Jones

    said the same thing the seat were half empty and majority bear fans… Fedex field is the AirBnB of the NFL


    So true as all I saw were fellow Bears fans in the stadium along with hundreds sitting next to me in our section.


Coming Home after 2 wins on the road, Should be a great divisional match up against a very familiar foe Minnesota. Hopefully we capitalize and seal up a Great Home Victory!!! 🐻⬇

    Alejo and Yanni

    Yes home field advantage. TAKE IT BEARS! 😁 BEAR DOWN!


    We better win, that first home game on the offensive side of things was a joke.

Sauce Money

This is a huge game for us gentleman


    Sauce Money game of the week

Lamuel J Sackson

We got this!! 💪🐻⬇️

Sione Aonga

As Vikings and Bears fan.. lets hope the Packers take the L tonight.. maybe something we can agree with

    L. K.

    @RC RACER 88 what?

    Sione Aonga

    JusDesireable your right but its much better than having the packers sit pretty at 4-0 early you know

    RC RACER 88

    @L. K. You said in your first comment you wouldn’t bet on the eagles well they won so you would lose

    L. K.

    I did bet on the eagles, and won.
    I bet on all the games with a friend.
    We alternate picks. And he choose green bay. I’d bet you but it seems you don’t make your picks until after the game has been played.

    RC RACER 88

    @L. K. oh ok I miss understood your comment I thought you were saying you wouldn’t bet on the eagles

Lamuel J Sackson

We’re gonna need a big game from Roy Robertson-Harris due to the injuries to Hicks and Nichols!! Hes a damn good player so I’m sure he’ll step up his game he has a bunch of dogs around him too which doesn’t hurt haha GO BEARS!!!!!


lol couple Good wr’s MORE LIKE TOP 3 DUO and best wr’s in the leauge

Jonhas Kohs

It doesn’t matter if the Vikings are great or not they always lost to Bears at soldier field. Hopefully we can break that cursed. Good luck Bears

MoneyMakin Brandon

All the bears gotta do is stop the run and make the Vikings one dimensional and get us are first home win

al karg

+Chicago Bears
Love your stat graphics pictures in video. Looks “professional” and is right on point. Keep up the good work! —- Vikings fan

Common Sense

Kyle Long is HORRIBLE FYI!

Bary Cruz-Reyes

It’s good to have a defense that is a double headed arrow. We need that while the offense is still figuring out their identity. Of course our offense IS figuring things out…soon will be like a machine. Unstoppable


VIKES 35,, cubs 17

Cornelius Squalls

I’m jealous! The Vikings have two tightends while we don’t even have one! If I was Nagy I would convert Ryan Nall to the H back tightend position! I know he would do a better job than the busters we have at tightend now!

Elton J Casarez

Haha Haha 🍔ATTACK, Monster of the midway 🐻👇

Brian Nock

Teelin? Hope the bears know the players better than this chump or Thielen is gonna eat the Bears’ defence alive!


Vikes Fan here, dear bears fans:

Packers took that L. I’m happy so far.

Nicholas Pergolizzi

Thayer comparing Cousins to Flacco ,was ruthless lol

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