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The Expat Gamer

Love from Cyprus, this the closest I’ve ever been to the bears lol. Hopefully next time they come over I’ll be able to go see them live! Bucket List.


    Where is cyprus? 🤔

    The Expat Gamer

    @312vandal in the Mediterranean sea just south of Turkey


    @The Expat Gamer wow your in the middle of the sea thanks for being a bears fan

Yoshibro 456

Bears 31 Raiders 10

    Mikey 2Three


    Connor Muckerman

    Yoshibro 456 i don’t think we will score 31 with Daniel at QB tbh… I see 24-10

    Alejo and Yanni

    @Connor Muckerman maybe with defense. That defense is lethal!

Trucker Mike

Mic🎤MACK UP for this Game 🏈🏈🐻⬇🐻4 LIFE 🏈🏈

    Natural Daily Living


Jamison Anderson

Chi 28 Oak 6

Bill Lozier

I.e. NFL in Europe. Dumb.

Patrick Doll

15 hour flight??

    Paul Prinz

    More like 10 hour 20 minutes for the Raiders and under 8 hours for the Bears.

    Patrick Doll

    @Paul Prinz Yeah that’s what I’m saying lol

Marcelino Loeb

Let’s Go Bears! Can’t wait.

Michael Kawell

Bears need to put it all on the line to get to 4-1.the bye week comes in at a great time.

    Luke Juarez

    Michael Kawell Agreed, this week is HUGE.

Lamuel J Sackson

Chicago 24 Oakland 0…..

🐻⬇️ MFs!!!!!!!!

    Nathan Ramirez

    Lamuel J Sackson Chi-City 43 Oakland 3…..

    Brent Devader

    Raiders have the hardest schedule with by far the most travel and they are only one win behind. I have this video saved so I can revisit it Sunday!!! It won’t be any fun though if the raiders win cause you pussies will disappear!

Junior Etienne

Bears O-Line need to stop being soft and show some damn pride. Run game is on them

    Nick Furious

    Fr Montgomery never has any holes to run through

    Junior Etienne

    @Nick Furious exactly. My eyes are gonna be all over Charles Leno next game. He needs to be better.


Big Mack and The Crew Vs Oak Town, A ferocious slaughter is coming in London as Bears Roar towards a 4-1 record and enter the Bye week with much needed momentum GO BEARS!!!🏈🐻

    Bill Lozier

    I’m afraid you are right. The Raiders have 13 rookies on the roster on a 15 flight. Geez, playing a monster defense with veterans at every position. This game has disaster written all over it. I would sit Carr and just mail this game in. Raiders can rest all their players actually. Save the season from this farce. This game should be played in Oaktown as Mack’s homecoming. What a shame.

    Brent Devader

    I’m screenshotting this. We will revisit.

Mike Rohan

Sir Mack and his D-mates tea-off time !

Chris Tufenk

Who is baldy on the right, sick of him


    Chris Tufenk Tom Thayer.

    Brian P

    Tom Thayer, offensive guard for the Bears ’85 to ’92. Also played in the USFL and end of career with the Dolphins. Why are you sick of him?


Bears will be back to numero 1

Da Cbus Bear

Why in the world is it a 15 hour flight?

    Stormy Syndrome

    Da Cbus Bear no idea… must be taking Cessna’s.

Terrel Ada

The Oakland Raiders dont want see Kahlil Mack an the Monsters of the Midway!! BEAR DOWN!!

Brent Devader

I know this is bears bias but the raiders last year did what the bears are doing this year and it didn’t work. Like not at all!! I guess the only advantage to back to back years playing London is knowing what didn’t work as far as the travel went.

    Mason Wright

    Brent Devader bears are better

    Brent Devader

    We will see. Yes they are but what happens if they loose? That also doesn’t justify the bad decision to bring the team so late. Piling up

Senseles Vibes

Bears fans remember that Giants gm last year? I just got a feeling that this will be 1 of those funny gms where its gonna be a tight 1 down to the wire. Bears 15 -13 Oakland miss a gw field goal in the last secs of the gm.

Eric Balcazar

This game was so good glad bears won. Welp off to the bye week

Fernando Contreras

Raiders Monster OL will neutralize the bears defense. Trent Brown is a mountain. Incognito and Miller on the left are also monsters. RN4L

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