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Game Preview: Bears at Redskins

Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer take a closer look at the Bears' Week 3 matchup with Case Keenum and the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football.


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E- Clipse Reply

Really excited for this matchup I dont except much from Trubisky but at least one touch down pass. I except Montgomery to rush for 100+ yards in about under 20 Carrie’s. We need to utilize Patterson’s skills more. He has the body of a tight end, the skills of a running back, and the hands of a wide receiver. And our defense I except only two sacks and maybe three three and outs.

    J Dolo Reply

    Yeh they meed to play him at TE on some truck plays after we get offense going.. he creates mosmatcges for lbs,des and safties.

    Zech Merquise Reply

    Connor Muckerman Maybe E Jack gets his pick 6. Let’s GO!!!

    E- Clipse Reply

    @Connor Muckerman I’m not expecting a lot is just what I am saying. I am a big believer and want this offense to succeed but I am also realistic.

    E- Clipse Reply

    @Connor Muckerman humm you know what I guess you are right. We did play two games against two good defenses didn’t really realise that when posting it.

    Connor Muckerman Reply

    E- Clipse broncos defense is still talented… Chubb, Miller, Harris Jr.. and they have Fangio as a coach. The packers defense is also going to be top 10 this year with Alexander, Smith (Za’Darius and Preston), Amos, etc…. EITHER WAY, one thing we should know for sure is Trubisky almost always shreds bad defenses…and the Redskins have a putrid defense

Danny Przedpelski Reply

Come on bears

Randy Koney Reply

Run the ball, and everything else will fall into place, and LET MITCH RUN THE BALL, about 4 to 6 designed qb runs, get about 30 to 50 yards, the passing will open up, mitch’s best games are when he runs the ball, thank God it’s week 3, not week 13,

    Randy Koney Reply

    @loyaltilltheend 1 have you seen our offense, lol does it matter who the qb is when you can’t score, if he gets hurt oh well, at this rate he will be out of the league in a year anyway

    Randy Koney Reply

    And yes he can end up like Robert Griffin 3, but he looks like pocket passer RG3, and he’s gone, it’s paces fault he chose mitch, I just know how to fix the problems, if he gets hurt oh well, you have to do what you do well, or you will not make it anyway, so to those who say he will get hurt I say he will have a shorter career trying to be something he’s not

    Daniel Lopez Reply

    That builds a guys confidence when he can do what he is capable of doing

    Hshe Whenehs Reply

    Daniel Lopez facts

    Hshe Whenehs Reply

    Randy Koney facts

Andrew Reeves Reply

We need a blowout🐻⬇️

    Zech Merquise Reply

    Montgomery gonna destroy this team. He did well against a top defense last week. Redskins defense is pathetic

    J Dolo Reply

    We owed a blowout!!! Last 3 games stressful!!!

    Jim Samaras Reply

    @J Dolo Our Bears win but no cover. Blowout next week at home vs Minn

    Brandan Morris Reply

    That and Trub needs to step it up

Issachar Reply

I have a feeling Mitch is going to explode for 300+ yards and two touchdowns with 50 rushing yards and no picks

    Ctez Wawg Reply

    Issachar damn 50 rushing??? I’m all for it bout doubt that ☝🏾

    Teabagonyou Reply

    Issachar I feel like Burton and at least one wideout will have a big game.

    Hshe Whenehs Reply

    I hope so if any game this has to be it they got a bad defense right now and there offense ain’t looking to bright

    mark lawrence Reply

    It’s possible

Elmatonn Reply

Why does Tom Thayer sound like he’s in an empty room?

Ryan Stroud Reply

Bears oline NEEDS to block and Trubisky needs to execute! 🐻⬇️

    loyaltilltheend 1 Reply

    Ryan Stroud exactly!

    George Franklin Reply

    Specifically run blocking

    Ryan Stroud Reply

    George Franklin and passing. TE and WRs have been horrible at pick-blocking. Also Massie and Leno need to up their game. Been lookin like 🗑

    mark lawrence Reply

    I agree

    gnagh Reply

    The 2019 Offense could take a lesson from the 1985 Bears. Everybody has to block to break the big plays! That includes receivers, running backs, and even Mitch in specific situations. Yes, I also agree release Mitch. Let him run out of the pocket. Running game will open up the passing game! Finally, put Patterson in motion and send him deep! It should clear the underneath on Patterson’s deep side.

MoneyMakin Brandon Reply

I would like to see Mitchell trubisky get 5 Touchdowns running or passing let the man play Nagy please I’m tire of thinking about the horrible jay cutler days and the offensive line need to block and get this running game started

    da'ved velazquez Reply

    There’s 0 chance this dude gets 5 touchdowns lol

    Tom S Reply

    @da’ved velazquez Last year in one game he got 6.

    MoneyMakin Brandon Reply

    Tom S yes he did gotta a lot of faith in trubisky

    Daniel Lopez Reply

    The line needs to buy him his time

    SuperPunch76 Reply

    da’ved velazquez I mean he got 6 in one game last season.

itin4265 Reply

Just run the damn ball. Keep Mitchell inside the offensive game plan. It’ll open up for him. He’s not looking good right now. Don’t make him make decisions that right now he can’t obviously make. He’s gotta a lot to learn and a very long way to go. If he’s going to be a franchise QB. That’s just the facts.

    Teabagonyou Reply

    itin4265 You saw what just running the ball lead to with the Patterson carry. Running the ball can setup a big pass play or trick play against any defense.

Chris Tragedia Reply

If Washington scores on this d the NFL is rigged

    Mike Wilson Reply

    Chris Tragedia relax bro, you guys think the bears are that good. They’re not

Marcus Jones Reply

Bears fans have been saying run the ball since the Lovie days cause we’ve had great defense. I want to see the Elite Defense with and elite offense now. The window is now

Marcus Gregory Reply

Let’s go bears let’s win

immasoxfanbaby Reply

Monday night game. Bears dont burp the game,,worlds watching

George Nelson NOT BABYFACE Reply

Hope redskins don’t get away with a bunch of holding penalties.
Trying to contain Mack

CollinsK85 Reply


Tago H Reply

Forgot to mention this… Mitch needs to get cocky again! The first 2 years I saw a qb with a mentality of f*ck it, lets go! Now he seems reserved!

I was a fan of lovie smith and respected what he did… but taking what the defense gives you… is the mind of a defensive person! It’s like fighting a person who is bigger and stronger than you…

Are you really going to get beat to hell… or are you going to make them feel like they bit off more than they can handle?

Mitch… Nagy… be agressive! Receivers…. running backs… show why you were drafted!

You have it all there… but you have to believe! A big name is nothing if you feel like you are bigger!

I have always hated the term “bear down”… it is what you do when a storm is coming at you and you can’t do anything but hold on for dear life, because you can’t do anything about it!

I like bear rush or bear attack as an alternative…. just saying!

Seismic Gaming Reply

i’m a bearsfan and even i know that trubisky isn’t it.

Jason Jones Reply

Looking at Mariota last night there are definetly some similarities between him an Trubisky.

Nicholas Pergolizzi Reply

No Jordan Reed ! what a shocker ! anyone that has ever owned him in fantasy gets this joke

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