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We just need this offense firing an we’ll be good

Yoshibro 456

I expect a better performance this week 🐻⬇️

    Big block 472

    Yoshibro 456 It can’t get any worse, at least on offense.

SouthSide Chicago

Bears -3 on the road in a pretty important game. One of these teams will be 0-2 and my money is on Mitch. Not possible to play any worse than last week.

Mankamyer Productions

come on Mitch!!! Pull it together kid, we support you! GO BEARS!!!

Mankamyer Productions

Montgomery needs 6 carries a drive not a game!!

    zooie z

    he don’t need six. you give that man four carries on a drive and he’ll be in the end zone!

    Jamari Riddick

    Thank you!!!

A Bro

We only need 1 guy running the ball #32… stop the silly stuff feed the kid…

Jesse Gipson

Ran too many comeback routs

Daniel Gardner

We better show TF out this week


Once BEARS score that first touchdown, the Offense will get rolling. Get this ship headed in the right direction and come out with a redeemable Victory in Denver GO BEARS!!!🏈🐻

Jeff M

The schedule is tough later in the season. Counting on wins late in the year may not happen. You have to win the games your supposed to win.

zooie z

Vic, we’ll always love you, but sorry we’re gonna put you at 0-2 this week.

    James Davis

    not likely punk..

youngblak Wall Street

The Chicago BEARS are going to Denver vs broncos with dominate on defense and offense this is gonna be one hell of a game for the BEARS I see a win coming up on Sunday Afternoon QB Mitchell Trubisky is gonna bounce back against the denver broncos

John Inphx

This is a do or die game for young Mitch. If he does not get it by now…he simply never will. Ya it was coaching just as much as bad Mitch. But still there has to be time limit , are we going to be making the exact same excuses year 4 …how about year 5. If Trubisky does not earn his pay this year….He is a lost cause and needs to be let go! I have yet to see him throw a bomb. looks like a weak arm as far as NFL starting QBs are concerned! That said! I hope I am wrong about all of this and this is the beginning of his great football career and winning franchise.


And backs need to pick up their gap when we go pass.

Max Fire Fantasy Report

I would NOT want to be Joe Flacco this week

    Max Fire Fantasy Report

    @#1 Broncos fan! if you think broncos defense is as good as the bears you should stop thinking

    #1 Broncos fan!

    @Max Fire Fantasy Report who said that? Did I say that? Did I type that..if I did show me where I did because I don’t recall doing so dumbass.. i will say one thing our defense is damn well better than green bay’s defense that made y’all look like a high school offense they don’t even have top pass rushers so good luck with scoring this week!

    #1 Broncos fan!

    @Max Fire Fantasy Report obviously you need to start thinking

Danny Przedpelski

Please don’t have holding calls each drive. No first and 40

    Michael Coffey

    Been a Bears fan seen them all 45 years THAT was a first…. Im like….just wow..smh 1st an 40 is rough.

    Danny Przedpelski

    The only.way to make up.for that is to beat the Broncos


Why the hell do some of these clips look like Madden?

Jason Koslow

Trabinsky needs more than subtle improvement

FairXChange 808

We need Montgomery to be the Workhorse!
He’s to talented to be on the sidelines. Smh

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