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Full Round 4 Picks: Steals & Future Stars

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Isaiah King

Rashad Weaver was a steal but no one cares about the titans tho🤣🤣

Marie Mathews


Oliver Garcia

I swear they have these videos ready

    Kallum Watts

    Yeah, I’d imagine the have a back catalogue of footage, the nfl knows who been picked and then tell the broadcasters and then it’s announced.

Austin Rich

I thought the rams drafted the kid in the thumbnail lolol


    Ayyy lions fan stand up. Hopefully we do good this year


All this guys look like they have potential but it’s sad to think that half of them might not even be in the league next year.

    Senor Frijole

    What? Why?

Danielobinna Ogugua


Alex Koplitz

Not even 10 comments

Alex Koplitz



Steelers are STEALING dudes rn.

Maher Boules

9 comments I am the 10th


Steelers got a great OT.

Luke Horne

U forgot 126 Carolina panthers

Harsit Singh

NFL can you do the 5th round through 7th round

    Harsit Singh

    NFL do round 5 through round 7

    Harsit Singh

    NFL do 5th round to 7th round

On standby the whole time

That was a really awkward first 30 seconds

Homeslice Mcgee

Ian Book huge steal and the fact that Jamie Newman was Ranked higher than him is insane

A real cowboys fan

Cox the steal of the draft

On standby the whole time

A solid 3 minutes of Built in commercials though? lmao

ItsYoBoy Kris Fields

SAINTS got IAN BOOK possible good pick

Geechie Polo

Soon as I say I’m not fn getting a vaccination a dude with my name marco wilson gets drafted lol dont know what to make of it

Antony Pages

What is the name of song at 9:28 ?

    Bernard Dias

    Alexander Hitchens – Come Get It

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