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Vikings having a great draft. Everything they want is falling to them.

    Sammie Nelson



    The Mond pick blew my mind. He’s severely underrated

    faiz Ali

    @Sammie Nelson god damn stfu

    faiz Ali

    Ya Kirk cousins is overrated that mond pick was good

    Yay Hay

    @faiz Ali I think it’s a chat bot or a small child


Lot of good value picks I think some team miss on some though

R. War

The Browns should have all their former quarterbacks announce pick that would be funny one

    Jacob Ladd

    This is great 😂

    Gene Dolsky

    Yea all but some are dead like Otto graham

    faiz Ali

    Half of em would get booed as hell

Young Scootah

Panthers are gonna be tuff!

Asian Bot

If I get another Uber eats ad I’m only ordering from post mates

    ZaMickey is a bum



    No cap


    Fax they are so annoying

Ice Gold

41:45 someone in the crowd yelled out “It doesn’t matter”

    Tavares Back


Mr Toxic

Having a great time and then I see that the WFT got Dyami Brown

B Rich

Anyone see that guy at 36:20 smoking a joint after the browns pick 🤣🤣🤣

    Troubled eNVy

    They had to celebrate cuz Miles Garrett didn’t rip his sleeves 😂

    B Rich

    @Troubled eNVy he looked like the hulk 🤣


    It’s actually like 35:30 that it happens

    faiz Ali


Troubled eNVy

Alec Ingold is the man!!!!!

Troubled eNVy

Byron Jones nervous af

Troubled eNVy

Raiders got some great players in the 3rd…keep ’em healthy


“Tonight I’ll be eating fried avocado tacos”

    Zuhayr Chaudry


James Calder

Texans straight trolling this year


Man Giants had a great first three rounds, huh?


The league as a whole looks to be drafting better than past years

    Jeffy Go Hard


    Shawn Kurtz

    Unless you’re the Raiders

Pedro Moura

So the Packers got a new center on the second round and a new WR on the third to help out Jordan Love hehe hearing Love to Rodgers for the touchdown is gonna be funny and kinda weird

    Sonia Alvarenga

    Naw love sucks

    Tavares Back

    Love sucks

Matt Mccegan

Alhamdulillah.. We got a WR.. AMARI RODGERS BABY… Go Pack Go.. Aaron please stay now

Michael Hession

The Ben Cleveland pick was so funny. I literally lost it when that happened. That could be the biggest steal of the 3rd Round.

    Sonia Alvarenga

    Imao fi oii I airibdxh

Savageboy 84

Shout out to that guy at 41:51 who said it does not matter

Eric S

War eagle 🦅! Auburn football represent!

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