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Full Round 2 Picks: Alabama Rules the Day

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Joey Wu

Devonta Davis!!! love that player

    LJ T


    April Pendergrass

    He said devonte Davis not devonte smith lol🤣🤣

hurgh56 throwtdr56


    The Top 10 Guy

    it’s mad!!! the 2019 2nd round draft is full of pro bowlers

    Ryan damon


Tom White

I swear Trask was on the big screens behind the guy picking for ages before he said the name

Tron24 84

Love my Cleveland Browns pick Jeremiah Osusu Koramoah!! Let’s Go!!

    Ben H

    You guys have the Second best draft so far 😉


    @Ben H no way! it was questionable if newsome fell to 26 for us and jok was a projected mid first round guy we picked up late 2nd

    Do Du

    amazing value

    Samayo Mayo

    I don’t know how he fell to you guys in the second round props to you

Mark Sirdashney


Mr. E

Man the isley bros were zooted

Electro Duck

timestamp to thumbnail with Nacho Man?




    I hear you

    Still searching FFS

Jay S

16:25 Drew Pearson Cowboys announcements and selections he’s done this before with this energy and entertainment. Lol As a football fan how can you not love him.

    Greg Allen

    Because I’m racist

    Mr. E

    Maybe cause nobody knows who he is 😂


42:25 LOok at the dog… put the dog down LOL


27:07 Cosmi looks happy to go to DC!
still wished we pulled JOK

vladislav nikolic

Devonta davis lmaoo

    filip pavle

    alo brapooooooo

    P Highlights

    Brat moj

    vladislav nikolic

    Deste bracooo

P Highlights

6:03 devonta davis

B Morris

Uncle Drew is doing too much! 😂


Dickerson looked thrilled to be picked by Philidelphia 😅

    Green ION

    @Table Leg I watched his stuff at FSU and Bama, and my word, he is incredible.

    Gabriel N. M.

    @Table Leg no, he grew up a giants fan actually

    erik puka

    @Green ION one thing Philly has had a lot of these past 3 years is great big OLinemans with an injury history

    Mac Matthews

    think he grew up a giants fan and was probably told by them that they’d take him

    David Stutz

    Well yeah he’s the best center in the draft and a day 1 starter on almost every team outside the eagles. He got drafted to play guard while Kelce is there. I’d be pissed too

Rocky Barrera

Raiders shuttin down critics, 16th ranked player with the 43rd pick!!!

Meebu Beats

Teven Jenkins, great addition for fields

Alejandro Castaneda

DeVonta Davis 😭

Number one Trailblazers and Jaguars fan


BeeBop Gaming

Kyle Trask has to be so damn excited to get to go to Tompabay and learn under the great coaches and QB that’s there. Perfect guy for Brady to tutor. Great decision making, accuracy and is willing to stand in there and take a hit while delivering a great ball. Also his size and mobility is perfect. What a great pick up. 💪

Ian McDonald

It’s good to see the NFL actually showing the Lions pick this time.. Sick of the disrespect from the league

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