Full Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Erik Holden

ICE UP SON!!! ❄️❄️❄️

John Hunter Houser

Smitty is a GOAT. Delhomme was madly underrated. Jordan gross is world class. Wesley walls played with balls! Thanks fellas. Keep pounding

AME male Cortex Williams

a special moment for the fans and the players let’s go Panthers


When agent 89 came up I teared up!

Caudahy Hall

who played that 89-90 music at the end of the ceremony??

Glow Worm

Favorite panther of all time. I always thought, with his scrappy attitude, he was probably a great boxer in a previous life.


I teared up at seeing Wesley and remembering my childhood.
I cheered at seeing Jordan and recalling his humor and passion for the fanbase.
I roared at seeing Jake and hollered “Ragin Cajun” at my phone and started clapping even though noone was around.
And I broke and cried a bit at seeing Smitty just soak it all in and finally returning home.

This was amazing. Thank you for uploading <3

donald louk jr.

Where you go Steve Smith miss you Beast bro Always Forever one of my favorite players on the Panthers Steve Smith you still the man!!!!!! Miss you on the Panthers..😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍

DovA 89

Welcome home smitty agent 89!


When he took off that shirt to reveal his jersey…I nearly burst out crying. It hurt me when we let him go. Thank you Tepper for bringing Steve back!

    bobashaw smith

    Seeing Smitty as a Raven go off against us was one of the toughest things I’ve ever watched in sports

Shane Clayton

Smitty is home 💙


Gotta add julius peppers, luke kuechly, cam newton, Jonathan Stewart, Christian mccaffrey, ryan kalil, Davis, foster, Davis sr and Greg olsen I know I’m missing some good players

    emanuel davis

    Shafiq Mohsin right?! Lol like he really said Stewart like steward ain’t cost us a SB fumbling and not blocking 😅😂
    If we had DWill it woulda made a big diff

    Tamera Shields

    I loved Mike Minter


    @emanuel davis Stewart ain’t cost us that game. He scored a td that game lol

    Vonte Ross

    NflPanthers94 Star Lotulelei, Kurt Coleman, D Will, Brian Burns

    Fresher Dougie

    Can’t add those players yet, they are too young. I see Brad Hoover next as he’s been retired the longest, along with DeAngelo Williams. Peppers after that. Then Stew.

Jeremy Stanley

As a panther fan my whole life, I was honored to watch these guys play with the heart and passion they carried onto that field. I was too young to witness Wesley walls, but I’ve viewed his highlights and respect him as much as the others. So glad these guys got the recognition they deserve and also got to see their team get a home win today. One day we will see keuchly, McCaffery, Olsen, Newton, and other guys in this situation as well. I love this team man, win or lose I’ll always be a huge fan of you guys past and present players. Congrats on your amazing careers and thank you for giving us fans your all on game day

    Jason Alexander

    1 and 15 2 and 14. Lived through those darks days. But it just makes the good days brighter, the good times better, and the wins sweeter. Panthers for life

    Jeremy Stanley

    @Jason Alexander 💯


Be nice to give smith a coaching job here

DJ Complex

I wish I could give this a million likes #agent89


Everything was right in my world this day, Smitty back in Panther stadium, where he should have always remained.

Shaun Holder

Legit Cried when Steve Smith revealed that he was wearing his CP Jersey!

    Kendle Hill

    Shaun holder and not just any jersey the jersey he wore when he went to the super bowl the cardiac cats never forget that season thought they was going to win that game hate that they didn’t win it

chris p

Not gonna lie but when smith took off his coat and had the Jersey on omfg had chills!

Brayden Blomquist

Cmac gonna be in this when he retires he gonna be in hall of fame to

Joseph Palmer

I was right under Jakes new name in the stadium😳

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