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Jairus Baddo

Best QB draft class in a long time

    Your Boi Chungus

    Jairus Baddo hopefully none of them will be busts. Big waste of talent if they do

    An angry Jets Fan


    Jairus Baddo

    2018 was good. But u got bigger names this year

    Legend__ 21

    Nah we’ve had good ones recently…other than burrow, tua, and Herbert. All the other QBs are very questionable

    Arnav Kaka

    Not really

My Life As Zach

The only comments in the first 30 minutes after uploading: FiRsT

Sports 311

I’m looking forward to seeing how Burrow is gonna approach this combine workout

    Frank Tank

    His gonna suck in the nfl


I hope my boy Omar Bayless is on here


CeeDee Lamb to the Las Vegas Raiders 😏


    Prince-Kayson nah to the cardinals

Bass Town Ncs

lovely <3


They just told me the entire season basically

Pvc Tv

Last time i was this early on an nfl upload Joe flacco was an elite QuarterBack.

    Ruben Krishna

    Yeah he still is. He’s the best qb of all time

    Andrew Hale


    Legend__ 21

    @Ruben Krishna ???

    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    Ruben Krishna 😭😭😭😭


Don’t sleep on Tyler Johnson

Yo Yo

Mike mayock makes both these guys and Mel kiper look like fools. Mike mayock has always had the most accurate mock drafts and his scouting is really good.

Pvc Tv

The Last Time I was this early on an nfl upload Johnny Manziel was an elite QB prospect.

RatlnaCageRage -

This might get lost in here but sometimes I when I’m home alone I dig a hole in my backyard, hop in it and sprinkle water on myself and pretend I’m a carrot 🥕

    Legend__ 21

    Wtf 😂💀

    JJ 89

    Please refrain from commenting again

I Am A Human

2014- best combine in a long time


Javelin Guidry gonna break the 40 yard time. Super fast nickel CB from utah

Honey Bear

No one:
Absolutely no one at all:

People who were early: FiRsT!


I see Jk Dobbins being a freak of nature. 20+ reps and 4. 3 speed

Bradyn Lawrence

Once again sleeping on Herbert

Hashir Khan

Yall sleepin on Brandon Ayiuk.

Tripp Monica

7:12. That is exactly correct but instead of Jordan love, we add jalen hurts and Trevor Lawrence who hasn’t played anybody this past season. Clemsons biggest opponent was a number 25 ranked team I believe

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