Friday Night Lights: Matthew Stafford high school highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Going to get the Lions they’re 1st one too


    He definitely deserves it!


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    The Respected Madman

    Since Bobby Lane…The Chosen One


    1st one in 50+ years.


    @The Respected Madman He truely is.

    We gotta put this city’s Faith, heart, and soul into believing in this team.

    If this Great City of Detroit, and the people who love it and the metro area, ALL get behind this team?

    The SKY… Is our only limit.

Eli 3li

We can do some of Dem plays against the wackers


    Lets hope we can.


The SAME school that Bobby Layne went too.

It’s gotta be part of God’s plan..

To get Bobby Layne True rest.

Rest from this damned curse.

    Gary Schaefer

    And it was his senior year I bet Stafford will win the superbowl with the lion’s his last year in the league

    Bootiebodypody AFO

    I rebuke it in the name of Christ all curses be broken and for stafford to have success on the lions


    @Gary Schaefer IDK about the Superb Owl.

    But we have a great shot at going to the NFC Championship.

    Everything else? Rests on Matthew Staffords shoulders.

    Sorry dude. Thats just how destiny works.

    It gets you to that moment in history.

    Its up to the “self” to mske the right moment.


0:18 Dayum, theres a lotta people in those stands.

Texas football and whatnot


0:47 Holy shizz dude….

Official Atsgr8

Damn those plays were clean


Imagine making it to the State championship just to get blown out 59-0…

Gregory Megatron

He looked like an adult throwing to high school kids

Plug Dat Puss

Was better then than he is now

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