Freddie Kitchens: “We’ve Got Our Work Cut Out For Us” | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Freddie Kitchens: “We’ve Got Our Work Cut Out For Us” | Cleveland Browns

Head Coach Freddie Kitchens addressed the media on September 18, 2019. Freddie discusses the team's performance against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, facing the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football and wanting Myles Garrett to reach his potential as one of the premiere defensive players in the league.

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Need balance. And a lot of discipline. Also get the plays in sooner… GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Tom Hawley Reply

play smart football, get the plays off sooner, run the ball, defense cause turnovers…….TDs instead of FGs…….I smell a WIN…..lets convert r 3rd down conversions

    WMDistraction Reply

    I mean, I’m gonna remain hopeful, but Rams are an aberration of a team. Like, they’re scary good.

Trippy Grey Reply

Just run the ball and tell baker to get the checkdowns.

LIL TY G Reply

Im guilty for failing for the hype this team is young and they have a new coach and i mean new so i myself need to pump the brakes and let this team gel and we should be jus fine is not gonna happen over night GO BROWNS HELL YES

    Cereal Killer Reply

    LIL TY G ur not the only one, the moment I saw NFL app post OBJ traded to the Browns I shouted without thinking 🏟 SUPER BOWL! Now I’m like u. We should take it easy and gain chemistry.

    LIL TY G Reply

    @Cereal Killer so damn true

    Robert Janko Reply

    right! I never thought that they would go better than 10: 6. Now we should be glad, if make it 9: 7. Still its a very good development of the team. “Snip and SB” doesnt work!

    LIL TY G Reply

    @Robert Janko agreed JANKO

ken karish Reply

I wish the browns would incorporate the shuffle pass to Chubb.

juju Reply

a lot of offensive coordinators in the chat!

    Rico P Reply

    Of course freddy knows way more football then all of us combined but still as a fan of the game we can have an opinion on what the coach needs to do.. Run the ball more and tell Baker to check down instead of going for odell deep all the time.. Not hard to see what’s going on.

    Jr C Reply

    All coordinated input is accepted…LOL…

ramanjit gill Reply

I did really like that 25 yard pass to Jarvis right before halftime to set us up with that last few seconds of the half field goal. That showed me that we can do a two minute huddle when need to be properly.

ken karish Reply

I can’t wait to see Jamie Gillam take out a punt returned and recover the fumble.

    Venture Ads Reply

    That kicker can Hit good… LOL

    XmenAvenger23 Reply

    I hope we tackle him before he ever makes it to our kicker. One because that’ll mean they got a huge chunk of yards. Two I dont want to risk getting our punter hurt trying to make a tackle.

    ken karish Reply

    @XmenAvenger23 Didn’t you see him take out two returners in pre season?

    XmenAvenger23 Reply

    @ken karish who cares? What does that say about the rest of the ST unit?? Are you insane? Of course i dont want my kicker having to tackle people…that means the people that get paid to do that failed. So no…im not excited to see our kicker put himself in harms way because the rest of the unit failed to stop the ballcarrier.

    ken karish Reply

    @XmenAvenger23 Dude was a captian of a rugby team, and they don’t wear much protection. he has hit more people then your average kicker.
    And unlike the rest of the team, opponents don’t assign a blocker for kickers so someone is going to have to get through two guys to get to the returner.
    I’m not saying our guys can’t handle it, bit if a returner gets by, I’m happy to know that our kicker and kick more than a football.

Chip Chasen Reply

Freddie’s in a tough spot – the schedule the next six games is brutal. Losing all six is a possibility. If they win three….he deserves a lot of credit.

    Edward Gaines Reply

    Let’s just focus on the next 4 games before the Bye week. Out of those 4, the Browns should be able to beat San Fran and maybe the Seahawks…maybe.

    Jack Benton Reply

    The Browns need to win 2 of the next 6 games IMO. That will have them finishing the first half of the season with a 3-5 record. Their second half is a cupcake schedule now that Rapistburger is done for the year. They play the Squealers twice, the Bungles twice, the Ravens AT HOME, the Bills at home, the Dolphins at home and the Cardinals on the road. It isn’t at all crazy to say that the Browns could win 8 straight games to finish the season. If they can do that while winning just 3 out of the first 8 games, that puts them at an 11-5 record and, I assume, a Playoff birth. Even if they lose one of those last 8 they would finish with 10 wins.

    The Browns should improve dramatically as the season progresses, which is why I say they could, and SHOULD, win their last 8 games. If they can win just two of their next 6 games, they should be in good position. The best chances of them winning in the next 6 games are probably the game against Denver in Week 9 (I believe), and one of their two home games…either this week against the Rams or in a few weeks against the Seahawks.

    Chip Chasen Reply

    Jack Benton Good breakdown. Winning eight straight will be tough though…

Akron Ohio Reply

Our offense better get it in gear the next two games. I wanna see something. It’s suppose to be our strong side with all these weapons. Our D looked amazing against Jets though.

    James Kirk Reply

    They have Beckham use him often, brown went to patriots, Brady knows how to use him. Against jets they did OK using Beckham, don’t stray from that, and Landry. Get rid of the ball quicker. Descent running game but we’re a passing team, let’s go.

    Akron Ohio Reply

    @James Kirk well said. It all comes down to play calling. Coaching. We have more weapons than you can ask for. It starts with coaching and O line.

    James Kirk Reply

    Akron Ohio totally agree, we have the weapons for sure.

Jeanniesis Bright Reply

im ready for the offense to have an explosive game. this game is gonna be very nerve wrecking but im ready.

HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster Reply

< The expectation was that this team, with the talent they have, can compete with any team in the nfl and have a reasonable chance to win the AFC North and make the playoffs. What we've seen so far is NOT gonna get it done by a long shot. Coach em up Freddie and win or lose lets see the type of play and competitiveness that the team should be capable of this week against a quality opponent.

Edward Gaines Reply

The Rams and Pats. These games will be the difference makers. Go Browns, and take heart!

CH Films Reply

Please get Chubb rolling this week we need our running game to come alive. Baker shouldn’t have to throw the ball almost 40 times a game.

Leroy Xiong Reply

Just what I hope for Coach Freddie will do to get Baker and Nick Chubb runs ball more than passing to receivers for missed bunches catch and intercepted, it’s seems the Browns got better when runs balls more by Nick Chubb

Dave Johnson Reply

Cleveland still loves ya Freddie!, just get back to what was working


I’m tired of that same “getting better everyday” comment. Sometimes he should just call a fart a fart

Tom Doyle Reply

Freddy is in over his head. What the hell was he doing Monday night throwing the ball in the 4th quarter? The game was won Fredo.

Anthony Stone Reply

The fact that the reporters having microphones now is better than the Super Bowl.

John Smith Reply

As Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” 👊

Punch the Rams square in the mouth and see what they’re really made of.

Go Browns! 🏉✋😝🤚🏉

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