Freddie Kitchens: We’re Coming Together as a Family Through Adversity | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Freddie Kitchens: We’re Coming Together as a Family Through Adversity | Browns Press Conference

Head Coach Freddie Kitchens addressed the media on September 12, 2019. Freddie discusses the teams' preparation for the New York Jets, learning from their mistakes and the team preparing to take the national stage on Monday Night Football.

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Stomping Peak Reply

Maybe the refs will give us a break and not make 8 bad calls a game.

    Dee Pleasy Reply

    @The Story of My Millennial Life TITANUP

    Dee Pleasy Reply

    @Andrew Cox yall were late hittin mariota the whole game stfu

    G S Reply

    @Dee Pleasy lmao imagine being this cocky one game into the season, didn’t y’all just beat New England to miss playoffs?

    Dee Pleasy Reply

    @G S yeah you dont know football…what you talkin bout my guy? 2017??


    @The Story of My Millennial Life LMFAO!!!!!!!

HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster Reply

< Well, yes we WANT that. Are we going to GET it this week, Freddie. MUST win game.

A W Reply

We good Cowherd gave Darnold mono


    @Bryan Hallman Bell is out

    Bryan Hallman Reply

    @LORD_ OV_VERMIN Not officially, yet. Gase is optimistic. If he is out, their back up can do some damage, but won’t be like Derrick Henry.

    A W Reply

    Bryan Hallman Oh yeah Ty Montgomery…

    Bryan Hallman Reply

    @A W Powell can still play, too. He’s more Duke Johnson, but look how effective Duke was in his spots.

    T Dunne Reply

    IDK what anyone says, that was funny A W!

white towel boys Reply

R.I.P. Petara Cordero. Take your time Chris Smith we understand. Much love from your fans take it easy and slow big guy.

Tremendous Johnson Reply

Mary Kay asks the stupidest questions.

    Julian Manos Reply

    Tremendous Johnson and tony

    Donoven Kelley Reply

    I hate her. She stirs up trouble. She doesn’t ask the questions like a fan. I SO want her to retire for the time when we are super successful and consistent winners. She seems like the “I knew you guys could do it all along”. Chick, please.

jaidenxk Forbes Reply

Freddie said aversity was gonna hit at some point, between that week 1 loss and this absolute tragedy adversity has really hit in the hardest way possible

Skip Loredo Reply

I am just hoping his on field coaching abilities are as good as his verbal abilities?

    mike honcho Reply

    18 penalties. Stop being a loser the Patriots aren’t committing 3. Smarten up losers

James Storey Reply

Very sorry to hear that about Chrisโ€™s girlfriend ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

GosokuRyuYodan Reply

Prayers for the gentleman who lost his love. May God comfort you in this time of heartache. Heard the “growing as a family” rap. Grow as a team, win some games. Last week is a result of you “preparing the way we prepare.” We saw what we got. Prepare differently.

William David Reply

Stay strong Chris! Browns nation is praying for you.

Tom Hawley Reply

prayers and well wishes 2 Chris…โ€ฆ.this should bring us closer than ever…โ€ฆ..Godspeed…

Jaye Moore Reply

Prayers to Chris , his daughter and family.

rationalguy Reply

I donโ€™t care if the Browns win another game….Freddie is a fine fine man and I am proud he is our coach…

    Mike Riggs Reply

    The Brown’s do care very much and they will more than some games.

    mike honcho Reply

    Lol.ughh yall loser mentalitys is hilarious. 18 penalties your the laughing stock of the league. Even Oakland won a game fucking losers……….go pats

    Donoven Kelley Reply

    He’s a decent human being BUT I give all kinds of damns if we win games…again.

Abun Dance Reply

Win or lose I’m proud Freddie is our coach. Family is more important than Football. Hes a great man that handles leading men with integrity.

abdul smith Reply

That blow out is what the Browns needed, now hopefully the media will get off our backs with this Americas team Crap……all the fans wanted was a competent winner!!!!!!!

    john anthony Reply

    abdul smith yes sir!

John McLane Reply

Freddie is speaking God given truth. Such a genuine, real, and loving spirit. So proud of my team..

Paa Hawkins Reply

Can we toss Mary Kay and a 2nd rounder to the Redskins for Trent Williams?

    Chad Shepherd Reply

    Add Tony G. to that list…..

forreal pat Reply

Good game interview coach. FK
Stay focus.

GxR - Digital Reply

prayers to chris and his family… hope that guy and his family find comfort.. freddy is a hell of a coach. week one is just a adjustment thing. curious of what would look like if d’ernest got some more work coach.

CowTownCustoms Reply

Families are dysfunctional, I want the team to be a well oiled machine!!!!!

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