Freddie Kitchens Previews Undefeated 49ers Matchup | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Freddie Kitchens Previews Undefeated 49ers Matchup | Browns Press Conference

addressed the on October 3, 2019. Freddie discusses facing the San Francisco 49ers on , .'s passion for winning and Baker Mayfield's progression.

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Need anything else done, Coach?

russel scott

Truly wanted Freddie to say “and down to get the friction on” after his comment about them being long and strong.

Joshüa 115

I am disappointed that he didn’t bring up Antonio Callaway or Rashard Higgins

    Christopher Waits

    They’re back in practice

    Joshüa 115

    Christopher Waits yes!!


About time we can hear the questions.

NSG Sniper

You could tell Baker wanted to step into his throws last week. He plays like that the rest of the year we’ll be just fine

Tom Hawley

Browns win on the road…….good teams come together on the road…Go Browns…..

Lamont Jackson

another CLEVELAND guy… not scared of the media, just answer the questions and be real with the answers…that beats all the leading questions Cabot tries to get stories off of..

Christopher Hunt

Oh my god you can actually hear the questions being asked


Mary Kay trying to speak into existence conflict. OBJ was not upset he wasn’t getting the ball.

    Simon Pietro

    The luceferian media seem to think it necessary


Tell MKC to BEAT IT!


Always trying to stir the pot, man I cant stand her

Cliffton Norflet

For the love of God whyyyyyy is mary kay still here she asks questions that are irrelevant. Trying to create conflict

    B H-0

    thats what her background is, she basically just is another one of those fishing for a soundbite reporters

    Cliffton Norflet

    @B H-0 yeah its sad


Were sad to see Kirko have surgery….:”no, I was happy that he had to, and is out. I want all my best players to be out”

James Kovach

I’m loving the overconfidence coming from the 49ers loyal…😁

    Sub 4 Sub its free

    Im going to the game big 49er fan but the browns have a better team.
    Wish they would shut up. Lol


Higgins, Callaway, Odell, Jarvjs( if he healthy) Seal Jones, & Ratley will all be on the file. 49ers secondary ain’t that great. As long we do the quick pass. We gonna be good


    the secondary has been playing very well. although the secondary has a whole as the left side starter is out for a few weeks. been playing their strong safety in the box more to shut down the short stuff. the only pass plays I’ve seen them really give up they don’t give up the second time. Kitchens is going to have to be on point and the receivers will need to break some tackles. the FS lacks consistency in pursuit angles and can get caught taking a bad angle.


Yeah, he knows how good the 49ers are now

Alexander Ricchiuto

Heard grossi was leaving thank god. Hopefully they’ll ship Mary Kay out soon.

Mark Wood

13:15 Freddie kept a straight face with this answer, have to see if she writes it down like him being serious. It’s the second time at least he’s answered that question this week.


Thank you for letting us be able to hear the reporters questions!!!! It was so frustrating listening to the coaches and players talk without context. A++

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