Freddie Kitchens Previews Battered Secondary vs. Rams Offense Matchup | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Freddie Kitchens Previews Battered Secondary vs. Rams Offense Matchup | Browns Press Conference

Head coach Freddie Kitchens addressed the media on September 20, 2019. Freddie discusses the injuries report including Damarious Randall, Christian Kirksey, & Denzel Ward and how the team is preparing for the Los Angeles Rams.

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Brandon J Svec Reply

So inspiring. “Play well and see what happens”

John94709 Reply

If Freddie wants to play smarter, it begins with letting Chubb pound the ball for a minimum of 20 carries a game. And stop subbing him for Johnson every 3rd and short. You can’t pass if your opponent doesn’t respect your run game.

    James Cline Reply

    And he will get 120 plus yards in almost every game

    James Cline Reply

    Chubb will be able to run against any fucking team idc who it is.

    Novel T Movie Podcast Reply

    you really feel 4 more rushing attempts would’ve won us the Titans game?

    James Cline Reply

    @Novel T Movie Podcast he said a minimum of 20 he needs more then 20 rushes and yes more rushes opens up the pass plays

    Novel T Movie Podcast Reply

    John94709 again you’re basing this off madden reality. The wholes weren’t there. Titans are a good defense and our line isnt great at run blocking. Chubb was more effective when catching against the titans. I agree you need to run but sometimes a team defends it thats what wins superbowls.

The Jamz Reply

I don’t understand everyone hating on Freddie the dude didn’t do anything yet we are 1-1 we’ve got 14 games left, let the games speak for themselves not the words the coaches and players say. Lay off.

    Angela Stewart Reply


    BRYBRED6 Reply

    Don’t listen to these silly bandwagon fans. They clearly don’t pay much attention to the play on the field OR the statistics. The haters that is!

Patrick Neal Reply

WOW. 0% chance if greedy and Denzel are out. Wtf is happening with 10+ injuries in week 3?!

    BRYBRED6 Reply

    you a new football fan? Injuries happen, players have to rise to the challenge like every other week. 0% chance, really? get off the bandwagon

    Patrick Neal Reply

    @BRYBRED6 hey buddy, catch me in section 145 every game. My family have been season ticket holders since they came back. No bandwagon here, just being honest that when only 1 of your starting defensive backs start, your team leader linebacker, starting tight end, another o lineman, Callaway suspended and the 2 backup wr’s are questionable, you’re fucked. That’s IF they’re all out, especially the DB’s.

    BRYBRED6 Reply

    @Patrick Neal sounds like a waste of tickets if you have so much doubt. Why bother showing up to the stadium, its time to wave the white flag and hope for better in week 4 right? I don’t care if you cheer from 200 yards away or 2000 miles. Let me know if you need help moving those tickets, sounds like you aren’t in need of them. Hey bandwagon buddy, stop doubting our team when we all know we have more of a chance winning this game, than any game 2 seasons ago. Since you claim to be a season ticket holder for north of 15 years straight, you should understand injuries aren’t planned.

    Ever consider they may be letting players who are banged up get some rest so they are ready for week 4-6, knowing 1 game wont define our season.

    Jim Harris Reply

    @Willie Johnson The man with the vast amount of knowledge.

    JStay Positive Reply

    Willie Johnson damn bro chill

Jack Benton Reply

Damn…did he say Damarious is OUT for Sunday’s game? How bad was that dude’s concussion? Even if he plays in Week 4, that’ll be 3 full weeks he’s missed. I’m pretty sure Denzel and Greedy are going to play Sunday, but Damarious is a big loss for this team. Denzel has been so bad in these two games that the team will probably be better without him even on the field. I don’t say that lightly either…Denzel was a BEAST last season (obviously, he was a Pro Bowler as a rookie), but this season he has been so bad that he looks like a practice squad-level player. Greedy Williams has been GREAT so far…he has been about 50x better than Denzel has been.

    A W Reply

    Short week let him rest, even though it’s the Rams and they’ll probably kill our secondary

    sin greed Reply

    @A Widk whats wromg with denzel its probably cause he isnt 100%

Vince wilmifingerdo Reply

Fat Freddy just my prediction has Nick Chubb For Sunday brunch.

liberty bell Reply

To all of the Freddie bashers out there today, I remember a time when most browns fans wanted the head coach fired and bashed him after every press conference.
That coach went on to be arguably the most successful head coach in NFL history, so in other words, fans don’t know jack ! Support your team or go root for the Patriots if you need a champion that bad to make yourself feel better.

    Novel T Movie Podcast Reply

    I dont think he should be fired but he does over react to being behind. He has plenty of time to clean that up though

    Nick Morgan Reply

    Woah… Let’s not go and compare this guy to Darth hoodie. I want Kitchens to work out but there’s been plenty of HC’s that blew through Cleveland and only one of them went on to greatness as a HC. Let’s pump the breaks a lil

    cold spring Reply

    well said

    Rene Aguilar Reply

    Fyi I am a true, fierce, loyal, diehard, sincere fan in the most purist form. Thumbs up on your comment. I support Cleveland 24/7 but I admit it has been a crazy ride. I wish my Browns only success and the best of health, may this be the year of positive results but if it’s not, I got your back Cleveland. That includes my Indians, my Cavaliers and my Blue Jackets.

    Bret Bonner Reply

    Art Modell didn’t like the hood. Fans don’t hire and fire coaches. Freddie is still learning. We’re still learning as fans to support a winning product. . .week 3 we still have some time.

Tom Hawley Reply

What happened 2 Lawrence & Avery?…….they seemed 2 disappear…..

    theGod black Reply

    Peace, I’ve seen Avery on the list a couple of times. He was injured. Need an APB out for Lawrence though…

f conzo Reply

Freddie’s practices=a Mash Unit!

Novel T Movie Podcast Reply

People say run chubb like Allpros are blocking for him

Simon Sez Reply

Blocking, Blocking, Blocking… all starts there!!

RHE3 Reply

You people make me sick man. I’m mean, did anyone really think we’d be playing in the super bowl this year? I do agree that we should win the division and if that doesn’t happen I would consider this season a fail but it’s week 3 and we’re 1-1. Freddie should NOT be fired and if we do lose Sunday night it’s because we’re playing a super bowl contender. We’re not there yet. Let’s at least be competitive Sunday night. Of course I want us to win but it’s gonna be a tough game. I just want to see some improvement.

    Vaughn A Reply

    Superbowl no. Playoffs, absolutely! They should have been in the playoffs last year. They hung on to Jackson way too long. Problem is on paper we are much better than last year. With arguably one of the best receiving cores in the league. Yet we look worse than we did last year. We were doing good in the preseason, and the first drive the of the Titans game, but everything started to fall apart after that. Looks like Baker is forcing the ball to O’dell and the whole offense is out of sync. I have no idea what defense is doing. Something is seriously off. Browns are not playing to their ability. What we are witnessing is a digression.

Adam Jenyk SR Reply

Well this shows we are dead this week. He is holding guys on the bubble out for next week with Baltimore.

GxR - Digital Reply

freddy call me… i still got

Darryl Gillum Reply

Freddie is awesome, someday he’ll be a great head coach, lets not let that day get away from us again

MultiKushie Reply

Myles Garrett & OBJ gonna save us ..

alloyrat Reply

18 on injury report, 8 questionable, 4 out. Who is our back up OTs? Hubbard is questionable.

Emmie Smith Reply

All these “super smart” people calling Freddie dumb need to explain why they aren’t head coaches!


Monster game Sunday, we have a chance if we play smart, and establish the run. No turnovers, no penalties, and we have a shot.

Isaac Lyon Reply

Odel with tight hamstrings last week and 3 more out with hamstrings this week after practice….. yeah no its you.

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