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Spencer Dillard

Terrible play calling all night

    Bryan Hallman

    Play calling has nothing to do with guys not beating the coverage. Look at how many different Rams receivers found holes in the Browns D for first down catches

    Brendan Parker

    I’d like to see y’all do better

    Bryan Hallman

    @Brendan Parker Trust me, if I had the drive and the talent of a Rashard Higgins or Jarvis Landry, I would love to be able to suit up and play one full NFL game. Like most of the spectators, I hit my athletic peek at 13, so I never advanced beyond Pop Warner. Honestly, I don’t know what it would take to get the guys open, and free up the middle of the field to hit some nice gainers, so that there were more long drives. The play design sucks, and routes are being jumped all over the field. This is a massive overhaul, and no time to do it.

    90s Jaded

    Bryan Hallman that’s because of the bullshit zone coverage dude.

First King

Every one knows Baker Mayfield rolls right…..and this idiot puts 3 receivers on the right and throws to the right…


    That’s literally what I was thinking when I saw that. Obviously when you have your dudes ALL going the same direction the opponents will swarm that way too LOL. That is a fucking horribly designed play. Not sure who schemed that one up: Monken or Kitchens but it needs to go.

    William Paul

    Too easy to read.

    GOlden St8

    Baker is trash overrated. This one play pressure was coming and he coulda stepped up in the pocket and ran to the right

    sean mcnabb

    You cross man and you flood zones. That’s clearly what happened on that play.

Matthew Di Ionno

Pretty underwhelmed by coaching thus far. Hope he gets it together soon.

    Apex Monarch

    Matthew Di Ionno it’s your oline

    Nick 2324

    Apex Monarch it’s baker

    Apex Monarch

    Nick 2324 okay yeah on some plays

    GOlden St8

    Baker sucks

Jumpshot22 Dog Pound Nation

Your play calling is horrible.. You have a offense like this and can’t score.. Wow and baker playing terrible.. Holding the ball way to long

    Fishing With Phil

    @Super Thot you could try running the ball. you could also try to call a play where your receivers are not running 25 yards down the fucking field

    Miguel Montenegro

    @d cline exactly and we still had the 3 timeouts

    Scott's Tots

    Super Thot Baker doesn’t need time. He can throw the ball within 2-3 seconds after the snap and that worked tonight when it happened. KEEP DOING THAT. They couldn’t stop it and Cleveland wins this game.

    Nick 2324

    d cline shut up. They have been feeding chubb all year


    It’s not Baker. Guys are running 25 yard routes when we need 10. It’s Freddie still.


yep. coaching lost this game


    @90s Jaded sorry, but holding the defending NFC champions to 3 points in the first half and positioning the offense for game-winning TDs (off turnovers) in the final minutes is “getting it done” on defense. serious question – who taught you football??


    At least he seems to accept that it was his loss.

    GOlden St8

    Browns just suck baker sucks all hype hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    90s Jaded

    Chris they dropped like 13 passes lmao!

    90s Jaded

    Chris defending nfc champs were held to 3 points for the whole super bowl last year get out of here 😂

silas sterling

sorry coach but your play calling was absolutely horrible

    Josh K

    The word mastermind was never used lmfao. The words successful, honesty and chemistry were used though. He’s been everything but successful so far in 2 of his FIRST 3 GAMES as an HC. He’s been honest and accountable and you can’t argue the chemistry. Unless you didn’t hear OBJ stand up for him last night. Put the pitchforks away and chill for a bit.

    GOlden St8

    Browns are TRASH!!!!!!

    Cody Ross

    Kitchens is trash. Who runs it EVERY single first down? Apparently Kitchens does.

    The Greenman

    @Chris 😂😂😂👍

3rd Eye Funk Nation

You have no heart as a Coach!!! Did not challenge nuttin!!! 4&? A run!!! (garbage) This is all on you Coach drinking that water searching for Excuses. Your done!!!


Imagine having 3 TOs, 1st and goal at the 5 and not giving the ball to Chubb LOL.

    Mr. Fergus

    yes a easy run lets pass the ball


    @Fishing With Phil I almost looked it up before I posted the comment but I didn’t because I was too pissed at the fact that we didn’t give the ball to Chubb lol. You would be the only asshat to complain.

    Ninef Sargis

    @Fishing With Phil LOL!



    Eddy Castillo-Bonilla

    Rams fan here. I told my Father in law, “They’re going scored eventually. They have 4 chances on the 5 and Nick Chubb. Hopefully they go for 2 after and fail”. I couldn’t believe they decided to throw instead.

Michael Mitchell

I’m worried about the HC. Not throwing the flag on defensive interference play because he was told the penalties would offset. You would have saved a down dum dum. Not smart.

    Apex Monarch

    Michael Mitchell nah watch your online. It’s a mess when challenged


    Apex Monarch nah watch a draw on 4th and 9, the first one in NFL HISTORY.

    Julian Moran

    Apex Monarch stop blaming the o line


you need someone else calling plays.

Ben Lacey

Kitchens playcalling is suspect, he’s gotta give it up, rookie coach


If your OL is weak and their DL is strong, it doesn’t take a genius to know you need to get the ball out quick. Enough with 3 receivers going 30 yards deep and Baker getting sacked. Terrible coaching so far this season.

    Bigg X

    I wonder if FREDDIE is a gambler? Because thats what it looks like. Going all or nothing for that big payoff.

    Jeff Fowler

    W G well said

Real Talk

It’s the play calling, it baker holding the ball to long. Hit a god damn slant geez!!!! Time for monkin to take over the offense. Why did we change to air raid offense, when things were working so good last year wtf

    Apex Monarch

    Real Talk it’s your O line

    90s Jaded

    Apex Monarch bro it’s not just the o line. The play calling is abysmal

    D M

    @Apex Monarch our problems goes depper than o-line play

    David Frame

    Real Talk I agree that a lot of the play calling was awful. However, Baker did hit slants and quick throws! A lot of them. We need to also be able to protect him. We can not win games if our QB can not hang in the pocket for 3 seconds to let a play develop. Hopefully we get it goin soon.

Ben Lacey

I’m tired of this blame me stuff just call the right play, challenge missed calls, do your job

    Bigg X

    correct. Freddies “IM A BIG MAN, BLAME ME I CAN TAKE IT” is getting old. His false sense of security looks like its affecting the offense. When someone doesnt care if they make bad calls, they dont get better. The offense is playing like Freddie talks. Without care.

Frank Lyons

He is in so far over his head……and has no idea what he’s doing.

    Julian Moran

    Frank Lyons zero.

Brian 95

I am so tired of hearing I got to get better calling plays it feels like another rebuilding year

Michael Mitchell

Chances of Freddie making it through the season drop precipitously with an L next week.


As a lifelong Browns fan, I am already tired of Kitchen’s Martyr routine….and NO creativity for an Offense that is DESIGNED FOR CREATIVITY. Freddie Kitchens looks and sounds overwhelmed to me. This team deserves better. I don’t care that he learns “something new everyday he wakes up”. We are BEYOND THAT NOW


    Me too. It’s become cliche. He’s not prepared for this


    @Julian Moran Baker Mayfield hand selected him. looks like they deserve each other.


Kitchens has to relinquish the play calling. End of story.

    D M

    Need to get fired his game management is horrible

    Julianne Demse-Manly

    Yes, yes, and YES


Freddie Kitchens is completely lost as a play caller. Chubb was the answer tonight, and Freddie dials up 3 pass plays at the end of the 1st half after the stripped sack. Then he chooses to go for it on 4th and long at mid field with a delayed draw against the Rams defense. WHAT? We then drive the ball to a 1st and goal to tie the game after the turnover, and Freddie once again forgets that we have Chubb. There’s just no excuse for this offensive game plan. This team is better than our coach will allow them to be. The game was ours to be had with just a little common sense. So pissed off I could scream.


    He was trying to get too cute on the 4th & 9 call. I don’t blame him on the pass plays at the end of game…..The defense gets compressed in the red zone, so not as easy to run. How many times did the Rams run it when they were inside the 5 yard line? Not very often.

    Julian Moran

    This whole interview was cringey

    Jeff Fowler

    Duuuude!u Kno?lol

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