Freddie Kitchens on the Ravens: “They’re solid all the way around” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nathan Sutton

I’m first Go Browns


I think there is a fundamental issue with Freddies brand of offense as opposed to Monkens brand of offense. They are trying to assimilate their own offensive ideologies and it isn’t clicking. Oil and water aint mixing and you can tell by the way Baker is playing.

    A W

    We need more wishbone from last year. Freddie’s offense was creative and the offense this year is like having a 9 year old calling plays on Madden

    Big Rig

    I hope that isn’t what’s going on, but I’m afraid it is. One of them seems to prefer smashmouth Alabama football and one of them salivates over the thought of throwing for 450 yards per game.

    Ancient Knowledge

    @Big Rig 👍

John Reed

I feel so bad for Mr Haslam and his wife cuz they are truly good people but they got dubt. Believing this guy what he was selling. They didn’t deserve a guy that should b coaching H.S.

    Lucas C

    ….the Haslams are good people? HAHAHAHAHA

    A W

    Lucas C rebates…

    Lucas C

    @A W manual rebates for suckas

    Big Rig

    You are a fool. I’m not saying they aren’t successful, do you know them on a personal level? And what coaching experience do you have that leads you to assume that his knowledge and resume says high school coach?


Listen to Priefer and Wilk’s press conferences. And then listen to Freddie and Monken’s. The former sound intelligent, upbeat, charismatic. The latter sound lost and defiant.

Better sounding coaches = better coaches on the field. The defense and special teams are certainly out-performing the offense.

    Jarius Johnson

    Gordon 💯 %

    Jarius Johnson

    But I’m not worried they’ll turn it around

Lucas C

Freddie Kitchens is fat all the way around



    Lucas C

    @rationalguy YOU’RE*** very rational that you can’t spell basic words….sorry not sorry I insulted your fat dad Freddie Kitchens

    Big Rig

    How old are you? And if you’re not trolling, why are you here? If you were trolling, grow up.

    Lucas C

    @Big Rig trolling that which deserves to be trolled…do you want to be next?


Alright…what’s up with the always smiling pictures of kitchens on the video’s?

    Vince wilmifingerdo

    He looks like a gay Fred Flintstone and Baker Mayfield is Barney Rubble The friend that keeps getting him in trouble poor little brownies.

    Ancient Knowledge

    @Vince wilmifingerdo 😂😂😂😂

Vince wilmifingerdo

I heard Don Coryell was buried with his playbook Any chance fat Freddy can dig up his grave and get that book.

VLaD Anto

Still can’t believe he called a draw on 4 & 9 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 come on buddy boy … need a W on Sunday

    The Real John Smith

    Get over it. Life is to short

    Jay F

    I wonder if Baker made that call at the line???

Jack Benton

Here’s my question…Freddie just mentioned the Wishbone here in a semi-joking fashion and basically saying it is an “emergency only” offense that they could use if they don’t have a QB. WHY IS HE NOT SPRINKLING THAT IN RIGHT NOW?!?!?! He did it last year, along with a BUNCH of other well-designed plays and offensive wrinkles to get the opposing defense off-balance. I said this after the loss Sunday and I will say it again here…there is NONE of that stuff being used this year…NONE AT ALL! It worked so damn well last year…so well in fact that it was the reason Freddie was given the head coaching job in the first place. So why was literally ALL of that stuff COMPLETELY abandoned over the summer? I’m sorry, but that MUST have something to do with Monken coming in as offensive coordinator. There is just no freakin way that Freddie would abandon EVERYTHING that got him the head coaching job in the first place.

I guess if I REALLY want to dream, I can hope that he simply hasn’t been using it because he’s been saving all of the unique plays, formations and wrinkles for the first time they face a Division opponent…which would be the Ravens this Sunday. Maybe I’ll take another pipe hit and pretend as if the offense is going to come out and steamroll the Ravens with all of those creative plays Freddie had in his pocket last year…

    Stephen Fronk

    We’ll see it. All of it. Only 3 games in. This slow start will only benefit us in the end – especially if we can learn how to win on the road early.

    Ryan McGraw

    Finally an intelligent comment.


What will he do to fu this Sunday?

mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE


John Adams

Better win Sunday buddy boy or Dorsey might look elsewhere

Daniel Griffith

“To beat Lamar we decided to go with 17 linebackers on defense”

Playa T Show Hollywood In Da Hood

buddyboy starrin’ down ur neck Freddie lets go!

Leroy Xiong

Hopefully coach Freddie draws board game plans for Sunday is clear understand for the Browns to beat Ravens team


duckface and freddie flinstone better turn this organization around real quick

david sanders

Has ANYONE asked him why he is not letting the O.C. call the plays??

3rd Eye Funk Nation

Stay home!!!do not chase him… Guard that 1st down marker!!! Defend the football Corners & safety’s keep your head on swivel (K9’em)… No where to run or pass to…Making him try to create that’s when the jaws of Mastif DLine bite down lock a shake!!! Grrrrrrr!!!! Dawg Paw’ud on3

Mel Bea

No one has accountability on offense from someone who preaches one. Give the damn play calls to your OC.


All ik is dat we have to win on the road man we gotta pull the stick out our asses now or it’s gonna be ugly I got browns winning 27-17

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