Freddie Kitchens on OBJ Comments Towards Gregg Williams’ Teams | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Redamancy 1 Reply

This game is the season, guys and gals. Lose this one and mayhem will ensue.

    Ghost Hunter Reply

    BIG Wayne Gee simien is not a good QB the Jets won’t win with him playing

    BIG Wayne Gee Reply

    @Ghost Hunter well, any given SUNDAY is the saying – As kitchens said yesterday, He was coaching in Arizona, they went to Pittsburgh without Ben playing QB and lost – I just hope the Browns get over the social media HYPE and play football –

    MrMikeyDuncan Reply

    @Ghost Hunter Bell isn’t out.

    Ghost Hunter Reply

    MrMikeyDuncan I just realize that a few minutes ago

    abdul smith Reply

    Unfortunately your right!!!

liberty bell Reply

If we learned anything about Gregg Williams last year, he teaches to tackle the ball not the player.
The Browns tackling last year was inferior.
Run screens, run chubb and wait to open it up for Odell and Landry.

    Nick Morgan Reply

    Yeah but tatsm that’s how he gets such high turnover rate. Williams will give yards if he can get a turnover. Gonna have to protect the ball. I think chubb can do that. I’m worried about Hilliard and Johnson tho.

    Dion R Reply

    Then how do you explain Gregg Williams getting suspended indefinitely? I guess you think Bountygate was a hoax.

Dirty Reply

Holy sweet baby Jesus! They mic’d up the reporters!! This trivial thing is a big deal.

    Scott O Reply

    Yeah and no power tools or trucks back up beeper. Professional huh

    Michael Fraser Reply

    its not trivial its important, but i will say the patriots press conferences look a lot better then ours, haven’t seen anyone elses though

B T Reply

Bad job by reports in the beginning

mxl27 Reply

Early prediction — Todd Monken won’t be back next year.

    Bobby Mechling Reply

    He might not be next week…

    Scott O Reply

    If we lose a couple more in a row he’ll be in line for hc with Wilkes. We better get to winning

    Billboe Bagginns Reply

    mxl27 kitchens calls the plays my guy

Jeff Folk Reply

Please win!!!!!!! God I need a win!!

Darth Potato Reply

man just let the fukkin browns play football

    BIG Wayne Gee Reply

    ain’t happening – the NFL is boring AF without this drama bullcrap – the only good thing is there are so many penalty flags, it gives me time to take a piss between plays

    Darth Potato Reply

    @BIG Wayne Gee lol true

Stephen Fronk Reply

I continue to watch these and what amazes me the most is how stupid and ridiculous these questions are for this team to field. Blows my mind how not well thought out these questions are. My 2nd grader would ask better questions.

    Jerry Holmes Reply

    i agree and instead of trying to ask good questions, they seem to always want someone to throw somebody under the bus. This needs to be addressed and let them know your not answering these type of questions.

    Ralph Myers Reply

    Give example of one of your good questions.

    Preston Melkerson Reply

    Or like a few videos ago they asked about last years jets game😂

    Hawthorn1617 Reply

    @Ralph Myers a good question might be… “Isn’t penalties a coaching problem? Why when Gregg Williams was here was the team so disciplined, what is being done differently” I’m a browns fan, love Freddie. As shitty as Gregg is in some areas he certainly runs a tight ship with no discipline problems, and thats the head coaches main job I believe? the basics. this might be a crappy post but hey! i think we got the jets this week!

Toronto Davis Reply

I see it now browns downfall gone be listening to the media

BIG Wayne Gee Reply

By the way, according the media , the TITANs are now Super Bowl Champions

    BIG Wayne Gee Reply

    @Michael Fraser US? didn’t know you were on the team

    Michael Fraser Reply

    BIG Wayne Gee you aren’t part of the fanbase, Wayne?

    BIG Wayne Gee Reply

    @Michael Fraser nobody cares who you root for

K Aguilera Reply

Shots fired ” Todd needs to learn you can’t talk about things like that ” Munktin the OC your officially sand in the hour glass congrats…

Birdman 904 Reply

The Browns laid an egg last Sunday, it happens and nobody knows for sure why, It is one of those things in sports. Nobody’s fault, you learn from it and charge forward. Go Browns!

    Slime Peso Reply

    Maybe the titans was jus the better team…u win some u lose some

    Ohio Boyz Fishing Reply

    We just got caught sleeping, they went in the game with that first drive and took them too lightly the rest of the game and it bit them, live and learn

    XmenAvenger23 Reply

    Exaxtly. The Patriots are the Superbowl champs. Yet they got spanked by Blake Bortles, the Lions, and the titans. It happens…i think when its us its just taken more seriously because its are m.o. Once we start winning on the regular people wont take losses like that so seriously. We’ve gotta go out there and earn it though…no ones giving us the benefit of the doubt…and rightfully so. That being said we will be fine. I believe all our issues are mainly mental. It used to be we just lacked talent. As soon as these guys realize their one of the best teams in the NFL they’ll right the ship.

DCUPtoejuice Reply

Max pressure for both teams. Big talent gap. Little home field advantage.

TRekts _ Reply

The problem with the browns as of right now is how little production is being shown from their offensive tackles

William Jackson Reply

Freddie you better be dam sure that ODBJ is ready to play not hopefully .

Belgusto Reply

Ever seen the movie “being there”?
Starting to worry..

William Jackson Reply

I am sorry Freddie but I did not see any heart in our team. They completely quit Sunday in the fourth quarter.

    Brandon Lowman Reply


Jason Pintur Reply

I hear no questions being asked, I hear bits and pieces lol. This happens a lot

chris fee Reply

I’m starting to slowely lose faith in Freddie. He seems a little nervous

    lukewebb96 Reply

    Should have kept Greg we fffff up Freddy is out of his League

Christopher P Gleason Reply

I was ready to leave the Browns with Greg Williams nonsense thinking I should of left when Jimmy Brown retired. Coach Kitchens will keep me a Browns fan, there is still hope. Get rid of the poison

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