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We do Productions

I love u guys I’m a running back wanting to play for u guys one day

    theGod black

    Peace, I’m pulling for you! 👍🏾. Peace

    Kishan Spence

    We do Productions what’s your name and where do you play currently

Lil Hito

We need to fix our line Freddie’s calling trick plays like last year baker doesn’t have enough time to process the defense

Brian Springman

One day we will have the right coach. All these weapons and he doesn’t know how to use them.

    Brian Springman

    @LuthAMF maybe you should read what I wrote again. Yes, they have all they need except for a coach that knows how to use the weapons he has.


    @LuthAMF nah man. They trying to play vertical when they got such a trash oline SMH. Needs to play more west coast like last year when Baker was getting the ball out quick. Todd might not have been the best choice for us considering he’s all about throwing downfield but our oline can’t buy Baker enough time to let plays develop.


    Brian Springman I think he said that your one of those guys that’s wants a turnover rate every two years. What you really thought they’d win the Super Bowl cuz Odell showed up.


    @Brian Springman
    I did read what you wrote. I respectfully disagree. That’s been part of their problem over the years. No stability.

    Brian Springman

    @LuthAMF I agree that there has been no stability. But Freddie Kitchens should not have been named the Head Coach. He’s truly in over his head and trying to learn as he goes. That is dangerous for many reasons. He also doesn’t know how to properly use the weapons he has, and his lack of experience will wind up hurting the players mentally, if not physically as well.

Mr October

Every NFL team is good minus the dolphins ya dope, no excuses man. I’m tired of this, 20 years of my life has been revolving circle of excuses from my team. Just get to the playoffs this year, that’s all I want

    I Am Groot

    Mr October life of a Browns fan man 😞

    Mr October

    @I Am Groot It ruins your whole week after games like the titans and 49ers 😔

    Tr Tr

    5 YEARS we been rebuilding thats what i want too at least a playoff spot 😓☹

    Greg White


The Abstract

Run the ball and let baker throw to who he wants, don’t force Odell balls, tell baker to stop double taking and holding on the ball.

    John South

    The Abstract let him do that and they will start winning again.


    They have been running the ball, dumbass.

    jaidenxk Forbes

    Thats not the issue right now lol


get an O-line and keep bakers mouth shut.

    K Aguilera

    100 !!!



    Tr Tr

    It sucks bro all this damn rebuilding the browns bullshit 😣 ive been following this since 2015! 2015 !

    Tr Tr


    K Aguilera

    Kitchen’s is a southern scam..
    He kissed Dorsey’s azz , is why he got this job… UNBELIEVABLE Same old Browns

    john Doe

    I thought you knew its hue in a fat white man suit.

    LIL TY G

    @john Doe Pew Jackson LMFAOO

Tr Tr

0:02 would be doing fine if we get win streak going sooner then later were .400 NOT even above .500 😑😣

HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster

< Oh no. The dreaded 'process' talk begins...

superbowl super browns

We will make the playoffs… 9-7.


Our coach is in Tampa now idiots

    Larry lovelace

    Right they never should’ve passed him up for Kitchens


Well Freddie was a used car salesman and I think I may have bought a lemon.. I hope I’m wrong

Lego D17

Look I know that the NFL rules require these daily news conferences and the media has a job to do but really.? There needs to be 1 (one) press briefing a week and let the team work. It takes time to hone a team that has a lot of young players and a new head coach. The schedule is tough and things are just going to take time and patience. Everything is new. We are not 0-5. We are not going to the Super Bowl this year. (More than likely) There will be setbacks. Be patient, it will happen.


Mary, we have moved way past worrying about how much time Freddie is spending with Baker.

Mike Brant

let go of the odell thing, we have plenty of player. odell had the ball and fumbled it.

Travis Moorman

People are crazy. All it took was one week between the rams game and the ravens game. Browns fans aren’t used to expecting to win.

jerry howard

And Mayfield needs to shut his mouth and play


Never seen so many people after a 2-3 start but ok. We all know the bandwagons

Greg White

​FIRE CLOWN KITCHENS! We can still win the division.

J Farnsworth

Freddie just doesn’t look like he has much of a clue about whats going on…

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