Freddie Kitchens: “I want guys confident in what they’re doing” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Freed JB

I see more press conferences notifications than highlights. Hope we can turn things around

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE

    Doesnt work like that. You either have a good head coach or you dont. He’s not magically going to get better just like Hue didnt magically get better and shurmer, cronell, etc. –

    it does not work like that this is the fucking N F L

Jack Gauthier

Almost a must win Sunday.

Juan Nieto

I’m so sick of all the negative Browns fans. It’s the fourth game into the season. Relax Baker and Freddie will make a connection soon.

    Matt M

    4th game is the quarter way mark. This isn’t baseball or football, where slow starts aren’t the end of the world

    Vince wilmifingerdo

    Baker good Freddy bad

    Matteo Trunkett

    Matt M this is football

    Matt M

    @Matteo Trunkett omg lol. I was tired as hell when I typed that. XD I meant basketball.

Yusef Uno

Let’s run the damn ball.


    Nah, pass the hell out of it and let OBJ and Landry rip them up. But lots of passes to Chubb. And then run out the clock with Chubb.

    Yusef Uno

    @DCUPtoejuice I only say lets run it cause nobody is looking for that from the Browns in this game. However they do it, just win the damn game. GO BROWNS!


I want everyone to remember, the browns have faced TWO top 10 defenses so far and a mid 20s Jets defense. Ravens have played TWO defenses that are ranked 30 or below. Only hard defense ravens played was KC and their mid 20s. So while ravens might look 100xs better than the browns the toughness is not comparable to the browns. Browns took the NFC champs to the final minute of the game missing all of their starting secondary using 2s and 3s. Yall panic too much and too soon. Browns4Life get it right.

    Darell Everette

    Frank Lyons how is he delusional what did he say that was wrong?



    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE

    Frank Lyons IKR. I feel like this isn’t a real person. Hmmmmm it’s almost as if he’s an undercover damage control operations employee for the Browns. Lmfao.


    This is just stating facts, 3 games into a 16 game schedule theres no reason to panic and theres no reason to believe any team is that great. After 16 come talk all you want but this early you need to get your mind correct before i listen to BS about any team in the NFL. Bills are 3-0, will they sustain, probably not. Get real with yourselves.


    @SCUBA ViLLe exactly.

Ken P

Anyone have a link to Freddie’s Tee Shirt?
I want one

    John Adams

    Pretty sure it’s a long sleeve

    Ken P

    @John Adams Doesn’t change, long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, does it matter?

Kandace Hill

Why would you not want to change? Find out What works and THEN stick with it.

Bryce Z


Leroy Xiong

Still have faith and hope for my favor nfl Browns and Orange Team Go Browns!whoo!whoo!

John Adams

He says the same thing I better see a win Sunday freddy

yellow teeth village

this guy talks like bill Clinton

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE

    Lies like him, too.

Ronald Goldman

Freddie don’t shave and wear the orange hoodie and the tan brownie hat like last year. RUN RUN RUN the ball

John Connor

I want Freddie to be confident to use his own playbook and, not Todd’s Air Raid offense that does not fit this offense’s personnel. Run the damn Pistol, protect Baker and Run the ball with Nick!


Jumpshot22 Dog Pound Nation

Just hope offense gets rolling.. Defense don’t scare me let Freddie play calling

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE

    It wont just get rolling, we dont have even a DECENT head coach. You’ll see it on full display once again this coming Sunday.

Evan Crissinger

Please Freddie don’t let us down.


This game is a lot of pressure for the Ravens, not the Browns. Browns undefeated on the road….

Gregory Coleman

That’s the 4th and 9 guy😂

mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE

Who does this guy think he’s fooling? Lol…

Tom Jackson

Once the Browns turn this season around.. and they will.. All the dumb fans talking crap after 3 games don’t get to celebrate the successes.


Enough talk. Prove your coaching (and friggin play calling) make you the right hire for our team. I love the Browns but if I hear the argument that they still haven’t found their identity I will explode. No more excuses. PERIOD!

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