Freddie Kitchens: “Everything we do in this division, goes through Baltimore” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Stephen Harris Reply

Play calling better not get baker hurt.

    D Man Reply

    Or the tight end

    Monkey Nipples Reply

    D Man too late

Review That Reply

we will recover. lets go dawg pound!!

    Monkey Nipples Reply

    No we won’t, Freddie is in way over his head we goin 1-6 you are an idiot if you think otherwise

Jay Parker Reply

I think Freddie needs to stop looking deep as those plays consume too much time to develop. Go short, quick and spread the opportunities around as they did last year when things were clicking and not to just look for OBJ first. This is not to say there won’t be opportunities deep as Baker was very good last year at spotting those botched assignments and hopefully Jarvis or OBJ can take one deep at that time.

    Kevan Carpenter Reply

    Yes what he seems to not understand is that we can drive the ball down field so easily without long passes… we have such good route runners with good hands there’s no reason to take long shots..also we have nick chubb

    Jay Parker Reply

    @Kevan Carpenter Yep, we can’t forget Chubb and the rest of the running game to keep the defenses honest and rip off some big ground yardage. And when the running game works well stick with it. 3 or 4 yards and a cloud of dust works for me too and burns the clock up.

    Corey Riggs Reply

    Dude they got rid of there best line men for a De who hasn’t done anything .Baker needs a line .He constantly looks to scramble out because of this .Kitchens isnt that bad.Give him a chance we held a super bowl contender to20 points without greedy ward a few others. we could of won yes if he ran chubb there at the end.Baker needs to rid of the ball in 3 seconds

Dzanky 1 Reply

Play calling could be better yes but Baker missed an opportunity in each of the last 4 plays of the game. Players gotta execute.

D Man Reply

Regardless, baker IS STARING DOWN HIS RECEIVER period.

It does matter if your doing bad and what you do outside that building. BTW, use your running back as well

Matt Reply

Wow how quickly everyone jumps off the bandwagon. Week 1 was undisciplined. Week 2 they won. Week 3 the lost a game that went down to the end. Its not like they got blown out 52-0. Time will tell. One week at a time.. kitchens is the real deal and so is baker. They will come together. Go browns!!!!

    abdul smith Reply

    Not the point 20 yrs of misery no time for BS……

    McScott76 Reply

    @David I completely disagree. It’s true that Baker still isn’t playing up to his full potential, but each week has revealed growth and key improvements. Week one, he was a deer in the headlights and kept getting confused by the defensive schemes. However, he still managed to make some great throws and put up a respectable completion percentage (on-par with Tom Brady that week). The interceptions were mostly a combination of bad luck and receivers running the wrong routes (you can blame that on the starters not playing in pre-season). Week two, he was much better at reading the defense but struggled with timing and accuracy on his throws. He didn’t have the protection he needed, so he was rushing plays. Week three, he worked on his timing and was able to get the ball out quickly (most of the time) and string together some good drives (compensating for the lack of o-line protection he saw in week two). However, he abandoned the pocket too much and didn’t let key plays develop when the protection was there. Week four, I predict we’ll see better execution in the red zone, and he will also stay in the pocket more.

    In other words, each week he and the coaches study the film and make adjustments. And although he hasn’t put together a complete performance yet, he’s also not repeating the same mistakes from week to week. And despite the missteps, we’re still in a position to lead the AFC North with a win on Sunday. That’s not a bad position to be in.

    Ron Dentz jr. Reply

    Matt damn right let’s get this one.

Evan Crissinger Reply

If we lose to Lamar Jackson’s gimmick football, then to hell with the season. A LOSS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

    Norma Montague Reply

    They need to study Tom Brady’s film, see what he does when the defense lines up against him….that seems to work on every team…

    icebur91 Reply

    Evan Crissinger The Ravens don’t run a gimmick offense , the Ravens are s better team than the browns and by the way The Ravens are the Kings of the North.

    jerry cruz Reply

    Evan Crissinger he’s not a gimmick 7 touchdowns through the first two games not bad for a running back baker through 3 games 4 touch downs to 5 interceptions and 4 of those interceptions came when he had a clean pocket sorry but the wigger has been figured out hopefully his dances moves will entertain you to another 5-11 season

    jerry cruz Reply

    icebur91 king of the north

bamwa Reply

they need to watch film of themselves last season instead of ravens. Bless em Possum

    Norma Montague Reply

    Or better yet, look at Tom Brady’s tape and run the plays he does on every team…It seems to work…

Ryan Reply

No more 4th and 9 run calls. Don’t go empty sets when they bring the house. Come on get it back together.. you can do it. 💯

Footballing Genius Reply

Has Freddie been in Arizona? lmao

Eddie Barnes Reply

Go Browns they going to explode like the universe and everyone is going to be talking about that’s my team to the end

Danny Burch Reply

It’s called discipline overall team discipline penalties poor play-calling are all contributing to our woes

Micah Reply

Being a Browns fan hurts

Chin Chukwu Reply

the ravens are better defensively than the rams. if the browns don’t score 20-25 points (win or lose)—-then i don’t see how freddie or any other player on the team can keep talking about “getting better.” look at the team—look at the skill positions. we should be “better”—NOW.

Johnny R Reply

Let’s git dem Rat Birds!!!!


He’s a salesman but I’m no longer buying it

Desiree Durant Reply

REAL SIMPLE… Freddy just gotta take a deep breath and start dialing it up 🤷🏿‍♂️

Buckeye Nuts Reply

Max protect let our recivers get open and utilize chub for play action, he could have banged it in from the 5 come on big Freddie GO BROWNS!!!!!!!

Kelly Steele Reply

You take 5 or 6 starters off a team and play the rams and you come close to going to over time…that’s a good team how many teams in the NFL would have lost to the rams by 14+ points ….I think the browns showed alot Sunday night and they should be proud of the way they played…. remember the ram was in the super bowl last year

Gary Crook Reply

“it’s not that hard a solution” –Kitchens
Good to know, Coach:
So, we’re all on the same page here,
call plays that work, easy peasy…..
we’ll see if you do that in Baltimore
or keep running the deep route out of shotgun every down,
Baker gets sacked 8 times and throws 4 picks, easy….
There used to be a guy named Chubb on your team, heard of him?
Once, yrs ago, I saw a team run something called ‘play action’
looked easy to do…..
Go Browns, it’s easy!

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