Freddie Kitchens Discusses Win Over Jets & Previews Rams Week 3 | Browns Countdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Freddie Kitchens Discusses Win Over Jets & Previews Rams Week 3 | Browns Countdown

Nathan Zegura interviews Freddie Kitchens about the team's win over the New York Jets, preparing for the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football and answers tweets from fans.

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AKluckycharms Reply

thanks coach

Mike Johnson Reply

The Browns will get crushed. No D, no OL, poor play calling. Oh, the punter did well. And I’m a fan of Baker and the Browns.

    Michael Gainan Reply

    Mike Johnson I’m not no dreamer lock up Arnold put a lot of pressure on Goff were good

    Michael Gainan Reply

    Mike Johnson I’ll text u at half time when the browns are winning

    Mike Johnson Reply

    Michael Gainan I’m goin to be in bed by the second quarter. Early work day Monday. That’s how bad it’s gonna be.

    Michael Gainan Reply

    Mike Johnson alrighty tm

    Mike Johnson Reply

    Michael Gainan I’d bet 500 dollars the Browns loose. And I’m a fan too. Would be disloyal to bet against my team. I’d make money these next 6 games too. Betting against them.

ante juricev Reply

Hey Nathan! Have you seen Kolinda in Cleveland?

james frazier Reply

Playing Chubb in fantasy now

theGod black Reply

Lol, a LITTLE bit of a short week 🤣😂. We only played Monday night & then play Sunday night of the same week

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 Reply

why am i watching this on a gameday sunday, you had 400 people click this befor i did, i see a guy livin up last week, how is this hype for the rams game, omg put some effort into holding that baby bottle

    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 Reply

    Disgusted your life coach drinks from the bottle, even i get a cup with ice, you just learned about me, and how i operate

Mel Allcorn Reply

Finally run the ball! Chubb is one of our best players

Skeeter Man Reply

Front line: do your job and give Chubb a chance.

Leroy Xiong Reply

Hopefully Baker is doing better today so another great Win

sfark123 Reply

I love our Browns but I think this is gonna be a loss tonight. We have too many injuries on our defense and don’t feel comfortable with the guys we’ll have starting and the play calling needs to be top notch if we have a chance of staying in it. The next several weeks are gonna be a test to see where we are truly at as a team. We have a boatload of talent but we need to mesh it together. Prove me wrong Brownies!!

Frank Lyons Reply

Freddie Kitchens is an idiot, in way over his head.

Rare_Breed _901 Reply

Let Monken call plays n Freddie go back to strictly working with Baker bcuz he has 2 much responsibility on his plate

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