Frank Reich Talks Home Opener Against Falcons – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Joshua Polk Reply

Future hall of famer Bobby Okereke will be great.

    Brandon Wilson Reply

    E.j. speed!

    Barbara Chieppo Reply

    @Brandon Wilson Yes E.J. Speed looks legit Go Colts🏈

John Causey Reply

Go Colts 🏈

Jante Glenn Reply

What the hell is wrong with y’all dropping chad Kelly!

    Lootpack Reply

    @Jante Glenn Go ahead and rinse your keyboard with soap.

    Barbara Chieppo Reply

    I wish we’d let Chad play

    Jante Glenn Reply

    Lootpack go head and rinse your eyes out! He played with first team to and killed it, and threw the ball down field go do some film study

    Nunya Bizness Reply

    @Jante Glenn Brisette is doing a fine job. Do you coach an NFL team?

    Don't SSleep Reply

    @Jante Glenn
    He played a few times in the preseason. Dude, come on.

Pablo Bando Reply

Why did that media dude call my mans by his full government name lol.!?!? Franklyn!!

Daniel R. Reply

I need more information about Mack. Why do they have to be so mysterious with injuries?

    Nunya Bizness Reply

    @Lord Megatron kids are funny aren’t they?

    Lord Megatron Reply

    @Nunya Bizness i guess that’s one word for it

    Daniel R. Reply

    @Lord Megatron what? So the defense relaxes if they think Mack is out? Or they don’t adapt if he makes an appearance? I just think it’s B.S. Like superstition.

    Don't SSleep Reply

    @Daniel R.
    And that’s why you’re not a coach in the NFL.

    Daniel R. Reply

    @Don’t SSleep are you? Would you just use Prevent on every play cause the opposition has their starting RB out? Or surely and despite genius head games a defensive coordinator would have contingencies.

Freddie Lopez Reply

If you guys talk to Frank tell him I said Hi

Robert English Reply

Colts will be fine …as long as Vinny gets back on track🙏

DSW Aqqua Reply

As a Falcons fan, I cannot wait for this game. Being that our defenses are kinda similar it’s either gonna be a very offensive heavy game or very defensive game in my opinion. Could go down to the last play. Should be amazing👊🏽

    Jack12today Reply

    DSW Aqqua it’s only going down to the last play if Matt Ryan keeps playing bad

    Big K Reply

    Atl should sweep em unless Matt Ryan or the oline have a bad game

Andrew Comments Reply

Falcons fan here. This is gonna be a tough game for both teams!

    Jack12today Reply

    Andrew Comments it’ll only be tough if Matt Ryan makes it tough

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