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How did he get a calf injury during the offseason?? Wtf!

    Anthony Ramos

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity If it was so minor, how come it hasn’t heeled up since OTAs hmm? Something is up and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something serious.

    Don't SSleep

    @Anthony Ramos
    Keep that speculation going, buddy. As the casual YouTube commentator you probably know more than the team anyway, right?

    Anthony Ramos

    Don’t SSleep Nope! I never said that I knew more than the team knows c’mon now dude don’t be a dumbass…. My point is, we saw this before with Luck’s shoulder. So you must be a bandwagon Colts fan to think that Luck is %100 because he isn’t even close. And for all these fans to say “ Oh don’t worry about it’s minor “ is flat out stupid and ignorant. I BET money that he misses some games into the regular season! He’s been dealing with it since OTA’s, if it was so minor how come it hasn’t healed?

    Anthony Ramos

    Don’t SSleep LMAOO Turns out its much more than just a calf strain BUDDY! Luck has a been bone issue that he’s been dealing with! Proves me right to think it was something serious.


    @Bran Stark this didnt age well for the three eyed raven aha

Nomadic Brian

Give Chad Kelly some time in the Buffalo game.

    John & Jazzmine Anderson

    It’s only right…

Trey Ziessler

We definetely have the right coach in Frank Reich! Very well Done Jim Irsay ! Colts are looking better then ever and Its been a long time coming. Ive been a colts fan through where we had no line what so ever and now we do. I watched Peyton manning throw on TV when I was younger and Tony Dungy I even met in person and he is by far one of my favorite coaches. But I gotta say this, Frank Reich he’s a close second he’s brining back our Colts Legacy and its Awesome To watch! Thanks for all you do coach –
Die hard Colts fan
Trey Ziessler

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