Frank Reich Excited About Colts Tempo Early In Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


    Juan Lopez Garcia

    Its already made

Dusk 49

I’m excited to go to training camp and see these rookies and luck play

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Dusk 49 going too excited

Kequan Winston

I smell a super bowl !!

The Ghost of Andrew Luck

Glad to see he’s pushing them. 12 play drives. Sustained drives with no mistakes. That’s how you dominate on offense

Chris Hodge

This is the year of the horse!!!!🐎🐎🐎🏈🏈🏈

Bran Stark

God I love this team and the future of the team

Gdub 2333

Ebrons pretty selfish


    Y do u say that?


    Gdub-rub-n-tuk-2333 —- You know Eric?

    messer e

    He’s not a selfish colt Ebron has been humble being a top draft pick bust in Detroit he just wants to win just like every 1 else on the team

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Gdub 2333 are you kidding me? He’s always celebrating with his team


Komeko with a shoulder, OUCH!!! CRAP, ugh….makes me ill


    wasn’t he injured last year too?

Stevie Armstrong

It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here


This is going to be an exciting next few seasons Colts fans. Let’s just all take it in and enjoy the ride.

Jay Wade

My prediction is that an AFC team has a 50% chance of winning the super bowl…

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Jay Wade agree. There are about 4 teams in the afc in my opinion that cna win it all. Colts, patriots, chargers, and chiefs. Than in the nfc it’s like saints and maybe cowboys if they play very well but that’s a question marks

Darryl Worrell

Colts forged!!!

Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

What people don’t realize is the colts didn’t lose anything. They only got better. This is the best team they have had since 09 and certainly the best team luck has had to work with. Which is scary considering what he’s done with less his whole career

Raymond Jones

19 wins anybody?

    A smile on my face but a Demon inside

    lets just focus on winning the one that matters, i’ll take 10-6 with a title

Brian Mvbride

I don’t want to see summer come to an end, but I’m soooo ready for our season to start!!! Bleeding blue!!

God's Armor

Excited to see what he does with Paris Campbell and Andruw isn’t injured, they are protecting this dude and I’m glad they are. 😁

Julia B

#JudgeJonBrownHamiltonCountyIndiana please tell them to stop stalking me and writing songs about me. Annoying I have an annoyance from #JudgeCostelloMadisonCountyOhio

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