Frank Clark: “We have a whole new set of goals this year” | Press Conference 8/4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Jabari Cambridge

Let’s go chiefs

Sharkboy 200

Chiefs Kingdom all the way and Chiefs Kingdom for life!!!


Wow, he looks healthy and rested!!! Have a great season guys!!!

Cora Bee

Please, please stay away from the politics. I get that 24/7 as it is. I watch the Chiefs to get away from that stuff for a few minutes. Certainly, they are important issues, but there are other venues to talk about that.

    Gail Whiting

    Agree. Darren Smith is the one that just HAS to bring up the politics side. Everytime I hear he’s on asking questions, I’m like “great, he’s going to ask political type questions.” Media asking the questions, PLEASE keep the questions related to football.

    Christopher Crowder

    I thought Frank did a good job of taking a political question and making it about player adjustment and how the Chiefs organization helps players with things that us “civilians” might take for granted. I also thought he did a good job of taking a potentially “hot potato” type question (violent crime in KC) and just making it about empathy and helping each other.

    Cora Bee

    @Christopher Crowder Frank did! That he had to in the first place is what I object to.

    Brian Frazier

    @Gail Whiting I agree. Darren Smith stumbles all over himself much of the time, and spends 10 minutes asking a question!

Michael Donigan

Really exciting to see how Shark smiles when talkin about CJ…. what a duo “We wonna be the best duo to ever play the game” 😁😁😁

Michael Donigan

Frank gat a HUGE heart in supporting the community …. gotta love it.

Red Six

I would be scared as a QB in this league with Clark and Jones comin for ya ..The Smack Down 💪 . I will always miss the pop the earh-hole days on defense.

Dan Carroll

Frank tells linebackers drop back we got it 💪💪💪😀😀🏈🏈🏈

Andy Armstrong

I love this man.

Silver Juice

I love Frank Clark awesome guy

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