FOX Sports color analyst Mark Schlereth: Bears’ defense presents biggest challenge of the season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Mike Oz

I definitely was impressed by Flacco. He’s better than any QB we’ve had since Manning in one game. The defense will hopefully improve and young receivers will learn. I’m hopeful for this team still. Go Broncos!


    TOTALLY HAPPY with Flacco on only 7 drives he completed 7 deep balls over 20 & ONE for 53- as long as BRONCOS have the deep ball threat our RB’s will thrive… if we aren’t winning problem is NOT Flacco… Scangarelklo has to stop the cute & clever- this isn’t college ball… let’s keep it simple… run the ball and once we master the simple… then you can think about cute & clever… I want to see FIRST play a RUSH by Freeman- I want to see Freeman get a min 15 Rushes & want first 20 plays to have MIN 10 rush plays… lets go guys we can do this!

    J T

    Flacco did play good. Denvers defense won’t be able to hold up unfortunately.


    Agreed, idk why people are saying he didn’t play good. He played solid.

Fernando Herrera Martínez

The OLine MUST step up or this season is a wrap.


    I’ve seen someone write this the last 3 years. Players don’t step up when they suck. We suck up front. We need a miracle lol

explore 2580

vic bad coaching week 1..hes way too conservative..and mark is the only guy in denver who says that elway should be fired nice job

    Jerome Schulze

    John needs to go

Broncos Stampede



    ABSOLUTELY… Elway HAS to make this MOVE 100%… then our 2018 Draft class includes Chubb & Fitzpatrick… !

    Kevin Wu Films

    Why? It’s gonna cost us at least a first round pick.

    Zero FOXX GiVEN

    I would like to have him on our team, but it will cost a first round pick. This coming draft class is loaded with talent on the defense.

    Broncos Stampede

    @Kevin Wu Films Good If Drew Lock Devleopes Like We Hope We Could Steal An O-Linemen Later On…And A Back Up QB In The 2nd Or 3rd Round.

    Broncos Stampede


Some Person

I’ve been saying for years, Carr is a good QB. If he had a coach and GM who would maximize his talents they’d win way more.

Lamuel J Sackson

#95 is Roy Robertson-Harris


    Bears DEF is for real… literally turning 300 lb OLine guys into RAG Dolls… TRUCKING
    So I expect BRONCOS to only win with 16- 10 score this week


ELWAY call Fitzpatrick & bring him to Denver for #2 2020 & exchange #4 for #5 2020… give him BIG signing bonus & make that DEAL!

    Jerome Schulze

    He is trash


Denver will be lucky to score 14 points against the Bears. They could probably loose their first 4 games.

    Richard Maki

    Your an idiot

    J T

    @Richard Maki Thank’s for your great feedback. You add so much to the dialogue.

    Jerome Schulze

    @Richard Maki no he not..he knows what is up.. Denver is losing this game.. Facts

Cliff Hanger

I love stink he’s so real.

Steven Daniels

The Oline is on notice

    Zero FOXX GiVEN

    Steven Daniels yup going be the biggest test yet for the OL

Jerome Schulze

Denver loses 36-6

    James Davis

    stupidity gets you nowhere in life pal

Jerome Schulze

If we end up 2-14 or below 500 elway needs to go !! Right now he is the problem


We got this. Just in case y’all forgot. Thiee oline is worse then us. So it’s going to be back and forth

Marlon De Leon

Mark Schlereth why are you not coaching with the BRONCOS man. Every time I watch you you are full of football knowledge. Elway needs to hire you on the coaching staff.

Robert Preston

If Denver cannot beat the Bears with our bad offense then Denver should give up this year

Keep it real

Bears offense sucks!

Paty Perez

Oh noooo not sure I want to see this one! Sounds like we may not do nothing on offense again Go Broncos! 🧡💙


    Well maybe but I think broncos play better and win this game at home

    Paty Perez

    2beyou really do hope so


    @Paty Perez
    Me too, the broncos need this win

Richard Davis

One day maybe other teams will have to fear the Bears offense…

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