FOX analyst Moose Johnston: ‘[Broncos] believe in what they’re doing’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Cartman Power Reply

After and 0-3 start, we win against a Folesless Jaguars team.

    The Random Broncos Dude Reply

    Actually we could lose to them too.

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    No, we will probably lose that too. Minshew looks really good. If things don’t change around here we will be winless come our bye week. We could end up going 2-14 this season. This is pathetic so far

FGE shit Reply

We have a team to make the playoffs

    Cartman Power Reply

    But not a team to beat Rodgers and the Packers. They are amazing.

    Binx Negale Reply

    Rodgers gna get hurt tomorrow. Then lose with there 2nd string QB

    Javier Duran Reply

    We do, its just not clicking, but honestly even tho we started 0-2 i feel a lot better about this team then the last for years, I feel like flacco is our guy

turtle4614 Reply

GO BRONCOS!!! We will find our identity again.

    Sam H Reply

    They will play very hard for Vic as they get to know him and his system.

    Phenom AL Reply

    It will be interesting to see how much Denver will lose by to that baaad man Aaron Rodgers & the crew on Sunday.

Jeff Wingham Reply

Broncos have their heads in the sand.

Josh G Reply

Go broncos

bepriceless Reply

Need a biiiig iron to iron out these wrinkles.

Cubecraft Banned Reply

Just put this one in the loss column already. It won’t be close. 33-9 Packers

    Cliff Hanger Reply

    27 – 20 packers( and I’m a Bronco fan)

    Jordan Cabral Reply

    Cubecraft Banned are you dumb

Cliff Hanger Reply

Gotta emphasize the run game to set up the play action, to set up the deep ball and we’ll be fine.
We’re not far away from a win but Lambeau is a tough place to visit. Gonna need to be on our best to beat the rest.

J T Reply

I’m glad they believe in themselves because most smart fans definitely don’t. Time to gut the organization.

Down South Bronco Reply

New coach, new offense and defensive coordinator, and new quarterback …of course it’s gonna be growing pains…come on Broncos country we’re going to be fine .

    Slightly Above Average Reply

    I’m feeling good about this game today! #DB4L

Lil Boat jr Reply

7 – 28 green bay

explore 2580 Reply

vic is a bad coach if i were the coach i would be yelling at the o and challenging all of them…f field goals

    Flippant Booch Reply

    explore 2580 aaaaand. that’s why you ain’t a coach

    Austin J Reply

    Pls save us random YouTube man

    Jerome Schulze Reply


    Jerome Schulze Reply

    @Flippant Booch you dumb

Andre Renix Reply

We need a win today BRONCOS….Go BRONCOS !!!

Gunner 21 Reply

Gut check time, we gotta dig deep! 🏈

I am MGTOW Reply

Good luck! Go Broncos country! I have faith in you guys! I will never give up on our team!

Its YoBoyMoi 18 Reply

Let’s go all the way and win the Superbowl. #BroncosCountry

Jerome Schulze Reply

I belive we are losing so we can trade miller and Chris and go after josh herbbert for first round pick.. We are rebuilding.. John won’t say it cuz he knows its the truth.. We suck and we will trade miller for draft picks..

Clyde Triplett Reply

Flaxie is not the answer

Chris G Reply

I just dont think Scangarello is offensive coordinator material.

Ronald Krikorian Reply

Broncos. 0 – 3. Worst team in football

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