Former Bronco Ryan Harris joins Broncos Camp LIVE & Phillip Lindsay reacts to NFL Top 100 news – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Guillermo Azuara Reply

Phillip Lindsay’s a special player. They can talk all they want about splitting the workload with Royce, but when the Pitbull’s in the zone, there’s no way you can take him out of the field.

Ben Hoff Reply

Hahaha, that intro! Did Phil just get a new girlfriend?

Clinton Bailey Jr. Reply

We will surprise teams this year.

elway2k Reply

Who remembers watching Ryan Harris on MTV?

Josef Schneider Reply

At 0:18 That dad has parenting figured out. On a steep hill, tell your kid to back up, throw him a duck, and let him chase it down the hill as you pull out your phone hahahaha

    eureka0521 Reply

    damn he pulled that phone out smooth af lmao nice catch

    Aaron Gomez Reply

    @eureka0521 you are very beautiful… I want to hang out with you.

Cliff Hanger Reply

We’ve got a lot of good players. I hope that translates to team success.
I think Lindsay should be another 1000 yard rusher, barring injury and rolls Royce should help enormously too.
Looking forward to seeing Joe cool do a lot of damage to other teams.

Cottonmouth78 Reply

Can someone tell me what the yellow caps over the helmets mean

    Dana Ohlson Reply

    Cottonmouth78 special teams practice. ST uses offensive and defensive players on either side of the ball. the yellow hats designate receiving team vs no hats kicking team.

Jerome Schulze Reply

Plz no injuries tom.. And plz play no starters next thursday..none.. !! 4th WK yes

Jerome Schulze Reply

Who going to the stadium pracrice tom??

Jerome Schulze Reply

3:20 she bad.. I’ll be her #1 guy

Jerome Schulze Reply

Phil needs to calm down..flaco aint going to fill no pressure.. Its a practice.. Not a game.. Flaco is a vet..only pressure might be is rookies.. Maybe

Charles A Townsend Reply

Rypein looks great.

Charles A Townsend Reply

The offense struggled the last couple of years because of terrible coaching. That has all changed now.

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