“Following McVay’s Path, Trusting in Jared Goff” Rams New OC Kevin O’Connell’s Expectations in LA – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Annette Mendoza

I’m excited to see team play this next season!! RAMS!!!! BABY !!!

Wavy Jay

I like this move

Wavy Jay

Let’s get to running the ball good again, set up the play action

C/o99 RamsFan

Jb the Great, another awesome interview!

Wavy Jay

I smell a super bowl

Ben Jacoby

Goff mvp

Santiago El Luigi

I Trust The Rams Win The Super Bowl And Jared Goff Be The MVP


Sean delegating offensive play-calling is a good move. How many times have we heard Sean blame himself for not putting players in better positions to win?

    Bearded soul78

    He’s doin doin what matt did 2 yrs ago just helpin out with game planning.. not calling plays.. not sure where yiu heard seans givin up play calling

Bearded soul78

I’m getting the sense that a lot of things about to change.. a lot of things are goin to get looked into.. i just hope we keep evolving.. more TEs more usage of our wrs even 4 wide get Josh on the field more.. also how we started 2 TE and running the ball more.. cheers to growth


So we’re not pointing the fact the this guy never had a 2 to 3 winning streak with QB’S… ESPECIALLY FROM THE REDSKINS!?!? C’MON MAN this was supposed to be a Winning season we’re f*cked man 😱😱😱

    Andrew Moreno

    Breath… we are fine


    @Andrew Moreno πŸ˜΅πŸ€’πŸ€•πŸ’™πŸ’› HORN’S UP 🀘 1,2,3 #RAMSHOUSE 1,2,3 #RAMSHOUSE 1,2,3 #RAMSHOUSE… Thank you Ramily 🐏 your right we’re good we’re good

Larel Gannt

This is California , we will buy all top staff

Jeremy Palencia

Robert and Cooper had an unbelievable year but cooks did not. We need to give cooks the ball more. We need a lot of adjustments to do this year

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