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Tom Whitehouse

carson palmer ? flash to the past

YouTube Hacks

I wish I could meet you Larry Fitzgerald and the other team I’m you’re number one fan Larry. I wish I can make it to the games.

Joseph Parnes

Carson and BA were so close to the big show and Larry knew it. You can tell those close seasons we had with Kurt and Palmer haunt Larry. Wish I could get you a ring Larry. FAVORITE PLAYER OF ALL TIME!


Carolina won because it decided to pick on the cornerbacks, and for good reason. Their OL just boxed around the tall QB, and he picked the Cards apart without their two staring CBs. The DL does not have a disrupter like Calais Campbell; letting him go then getting a pass rusher who does not like to defend the run has been quite evident ever since. The D played best they could; Swearinger is a good player but asked to carry too much of the load. The O looked stagnant because it was. Without a QB in the pocket to threaten down field because he cannot see over the line of scrimmage, well, that is what the Cards got from a HC who knows nothing more than pass, pass, pass and insisting on drafting the QB. The run game won’t be fixed because the HC did not put the time in coaching OL, RBs, TEs, WRs, etc at the college level. It is too late to fix the run game in the middle of the season. 0-6 NFC West, 0-15-1. OL and DL in serious need of overhaul because of poor draft. Cards looked good first two games because everyone knows those count as preseason back in the day. The front office picked its HC and did so with severe risks involved. Ironically, the surrounding coordinators and position coaches are some of the best. Can this team win over the next three years? Doubtful without good drafts on both OL DL, and quit paying high price tags for free agents coming off serious injuries; and keeping players hoping they would develop and never do just because they were drafted the first three rounds.


    You made some good good points, but I don’t see them not winning at least 1 game. When Peterson and Alford come back later in the season, the defense will be better than what we’ve seen in the first 3 games. Yeah, letting Campbell go was one of the worst moves the team has made. But let’s not minimize Chandler Jones’s impact either. He’s an elite pass rusher. I agree with you on Swearinger. As far as Kyler and the o-line, yes, that is a big concern. However, Kyler only usually only runs out of the pocket when the pocket collapses. If it remains intact, he stays and looks for an open receiver. Unfortunately, the pocket is almost always collapsing. Despite this, the offense has still shown the ability to move the ball down the field and score. As for the running game, I might have to agree with you there. Hopefully, we’ll see better playcalling in that respect. OL definitely has to be a high priority next draft.

Dj Rp4l

Putting to the universe ARIZONA BEATS SEATTLE

Dj Rp4l

Vance to the universe THE DEFENSE WILL GET IT RIGHT

Ryan Murphy

Guys I think Kyler May be a little similar to Wilson


Cardinal’s should at least double team on the tight end

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