Fitzgerald: “I Just Want to Win” | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Rylan Flaherty Reply

Love you Fitz

WeedNugs Weekly Reply

Same Fitz same

Rylan Flaherty Reply

Love you Fitz

Dandaman Salazar Reply

We are going to start winning 💪🏻🏆

Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

That’s why he’s still playing. Not to pad his stats in the record books, but because he just wants to win football games. Major respect for him 🐐

    James FromAZ Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT he got at least 2 years left.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @James FromAZ I hope so. He’s on pace to have a way better season this year than he did last year

Jen Reply

My favorite player. Fitz.

Ryan Murphy Reply

Who was he talking about at the start?

    Nathan Lopez Reply

    Julio jones

    Larry Legend Reply

    Kyler Murray I think

    Levon Avedissian Reply

    I’m pretty sure aj green

Love Arizona Reply

“I just want to win” Esqueleto Nacho Libre

Larry Legend Reply

I just want to win too Larry😭😭

tempebill Reply this guy…

Larry Legend Reply

Have you realized how good Larry Fitzgerald looks with braids.

    Matthew White Reply

    Larry Legend *dreads

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    Hasn’t he always had them?

The AZ sports fan! Reply

Can we get a W! I will be at the game I want to see a shoot out!

Christian Hernandez Reply

Get this man a ring!

Brad P Reply

Such a great leader. Let’s Go Cardinals!

Waves On Swim Reply

People don’t realize how hard it is, to be a old wr in the nfl

    Robert G Reply

    A hall of famer still playing

Ryan Maul Reply

Need to start Chase Edmunds.

Rain Ethelbah Reply

Larry is important for this team, he really deserves to win, thats why sometimes he’s always returning back to the team, whiches gets me so happy, so this is what he does to prove for winning games! LETS GO LARRY FITZ!!

Fred Castro Reply

Steve keim doesn’t want Larry to have a ring

Cyrus Radcliff Reply

Don’t let kliff call plays in the red zone… Don’t let him call the red zone plays!

Joe Lopez Reply

Get that man a SB ring please!!!!!!!!!! My Favorite Cardinal of all times!!! And alot of other people can say that same even if you don’t route for Cards you still route for Larry!

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