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jordan weeston

Cowboys nation lets get it.

god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

Who earned it

    Lava LifeGuard

    More than what I first thought

donald deluxe

Donovan olumba and Donovan wilson showed me that they can be great DB threats, please have Wilson be the starter as a box safety.

    Tyler Main

    Probably don’t want him to start but throw him in to get his feet wet an see how he does.

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Tyler Main Yeah he won’t start against the Giants. Maybe later in the season, he still has a learning curve with NFL scheme’s! I do like him and was pulling for him from day one

Sam Howard


Abel Valeriano


Robert Bennett

You could tell who’s making the team by simply watching the WHOLE GAME.
Those who started for the defense were very effective. The common thread is by the end of the game we had several who got “nicked up”, not to mention the ones who looked like they’d been “rode hard and put up wet”, so to speak. Then there was the little “wink and a nod” from Red Top on the sideline.
Trysten Hill, Cedric Wilson, Daniel Wise, Donovan Wilson, Joe Jackson, Jordan Chunn, and Devin Smith were noteworthy among these examples. All started and every one tapped out or were gassed OR INJURED during the game, SAVE ONE; Joe Jackson played the WHOLE game and played to the end without being affected. (Just a lil personal observation)!
Another who stood out to me was Taryn Christion ! He scrambled around and made heroic plays like Tony Romo when HE was a rookie !!! He played with a determination and strength I haven’t seen since Daks first year too ! For a guy who had to run for his life behind our OLINE FULL OF SLUGS 🐌, he still showed amazing strength and endurance in that last 55 seconds with good decisions and an admirable Hail Mary pass to end the game.
Jalen Guyton showed he will play in this league by breaking no less than three tackles, then stiff arming the last man to the ground (from behind no less) to score his TOUCHDOWN !!!
It seems there gonna try to stash Mike Weber on the practice squad, which has been obvious from the start of camp. But I say they’re making HUGE MISTAKE. They’ve done this more than a few times and it failed, and I believe a team like Houston who needs a good running back is gonna be right on top of the line to claim him !!!!! This is what frustrates me about this team.
Mike Weber is a Warrior, and is a stronger more capable player than Jordan Chunn , IMO!

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