First Word: Cowboys Dominate Texans Preseason Week 3 | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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jarjon76 Reply

Go Cowboys!

Jeshua Garcia Reply

Cowboys for life

    Frankie Romero Reply


Albert Dowdy Reply

Go cowboy

Albert Dowdy Reply

Cowboy for life

Blaze Gilbert Reply

Yessir cowboy gang πŸ’―πŸ€˜πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

jayjaylen75 Reply

Finally got some turnovers…defense was lights out!

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    Yeah it helps that the Texans OL still sucks

Austin Bussey Reply

Go cowboys

Lava LifeGuard Reply

Donovan Wilson my man from day 1

    Tyler Main Reply

    I feel u Devin Smith was my boy since he signed

Johnny Cumpian Reply


Dino Anthony Reply

DC4L!! 🏈

Pablo 9598 Reply

Need to see this during the season

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Pablo 9598 Won’t happen so stop being a drama queen

Antbeast23 Reply

Still don’t trust maher

    Plantbased Outdoors Reply

    Me either.

Abel Valeriano Reply

Inspiring game… GO COWBOYS!!!

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Abel Valeriano Inspiring by going up against a shitty offensive line?

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