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People's Republic of Monsila

I still wonder why on the second to last play when kyler scrambled, Cincinnati had no LB’s to potentionally spy on Murray can someone plz explain to me that?

    Jesse Cano

    People’s Republic of Monsila Bad coaching !?πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    solid_ salsa

    Because there is a reason the Bungals are 0-5

Larry Legend is a GOAT

This game didn’t need to have a dramatic ending. We had it all but won after Edmonds’s TD but played too safe on defense and let Cincinnati come back


At 0:13, look at the Cardinals DL vs the Bengals OL. They had one blocker for every one of the Cardinals players on the line of scrimmage.
LT vs RE, LG vs NT, RG vs LE, RT vs LOLB, TE vs ROLB. Then they had the center assigned to block the linebacker. Week in week out, i’ve seen the Bengals OL get bullied and get beat. This week, they exposed the Cardinals DL as one of the worst in the NFL.

Like all game, the Cardinals DL can’t generate any pass rush. Their lack of power and inability to shed their blocks is concerning. No push, Bengals’ bad OL kept them in check. The Cardinals need to add more speed to the defense. Chandler Jones and Terrell Suggs couldn’t do anything.

Next season, the Cardinals need to address the DL through the draft and free agency. Their needs also include the WR, OL, OLB, EDGE Rusher, and safety. Basically the entire defense needs a makeover.

Byron Murphy is more fit to be the nickel/slot CB. Getting Patrick Peterson and Robert Alford back to man the outside should improve this defense. Still waiting for Baker to breakout as a playmaking safety but he’s a good tackler and a plus at stopping the run. Strong safety is a position the Cardinals should address via free agency, unless they select a guy like Grant Delpit from LSU.

Jordan Hicks and Haason Reddick should look a lot better in year two of Vance Joseph’s scheme. Chandler Jones will start at one OLB spot but this team needs to bring in an OLB that can drop back in coverage right now but also possesses some speed. Jamie Collins of the Patriots would be great but adding one via the draft to groom for the future is ideal.

The entire DL needs to be changed. Corey Peters is solid but not a true NT. Zach Allen is more of a rotational player than a starter. No one on the Cardinals current roster should be the starting 3-4 DE for the 2020 season.

Sorry I wrote an essay but im a big football fan πŸ˜€

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    No, thanks for the essay. I think you nailed every point you made. Our skilled positions are good, and so are a couple of our linebackers (Jordan Hicks is 2nd in the NFL in tackles). DL, OL, and safeties are what we gotta look for. I think Peterson and Murphy will make a good CB duo, but our safeties have been getting toasted all year

    josh espedahl

    Honestly I expect the twins to do great. But budda Baker has been GREAT! he isnt a kam chancellor but he is a phenomenal athlete. Havibg Patrick Peterson and Robert alford will remake our defense πŸ˜… but we definitely need to invest in dline men and linebackers for the future. I miss callius Campbell

    Austin Mitchell

    @josh espedahl hell yes I loved when he played for us he is a wrecking ball


    What you fell to realize is our linebackers have to stay back and help in the secondary, thats why teams have been so successful in the run game against us and the pass ( No pressure ). With the linebackers playing out of their comfort zone, the defensive line now has to play out of their comfort zone as well as the safeties. Opposing DCs know this or they wouldn’t be DCs in this league. When we get our CBs back ( Peterson & Alford) our linebackers will be able to do what they’re trained to do and that is back the defensive line, fill the running gaps etc. Our safeties will be able to control the middle of the field ( Underneath ). Thats why the tight end has been killing us, our safeties have had to play out of position to help our corners.
    If you noticed the more experience our CBs are getting each game the less the TEs are having success against us.
    I DON’T SEE NO TEAM IN THE NFL stopping a KM led offense. When we get our red zone issues ( only comes with experience )addressed this team will become unstoppable.
    If you’re going to beat the Cardinals you had better do it now because when they draft a dominant receiver…game over.
    BIRDGANG…..KM will be league MVP in his third year in the league mark my word.
    One more thing….did you notice how many people were cheering for the Cardinals in that east coast stadium ?

That dude Joe

We need to finish off strong when we get in the redzone. These are good drives only to come away with a fg or missed fg is just demoralizing.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    We had the most yards we’ve ever had in a game since 2015, yet we’ve scored over 26 points many times after that. We had 5 field goal attempts, all of which were in inside the 30. Red zone offense is one of the most imperative things we need to improve on

    That dude Joe

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT right im with you. Man if only everything went right. This should’ve been a blowout.


We’ll take the W. Let’s work on Red Zone efficiency and nonsensical decision making in the 4 min and 2 min offense the 12 Personnel look is working well we can get more creative w that offensive scheme next week at home Good Job let’s build a streak of Ws W-w-W-w-W-

Matt Az

Baby Kyler is growing up real fast


It’s going to be a process, but at least it’s clear they have a promising QB to build around now.

Joel Luzania

I think we need to use Edmonds more

Fred Castro

A win is a win ! I’m worried about the next game though Atlanta will shred our defense.

Caden Wyer

Nice Game

Adrian Marquez

Dramatic fashion? We played the shittiest team in the league and barley got the win what a joke of a season

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