First-round pick Pat Surtain II gets ‘The Call’ from the Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I’m not mad at the pick I’m just shocked

    Robert Gill

    @Kawika Watson Just be patient… We鈥檒l discuss further after Saturday. 馃憤馃徎馃檪

    Kawika Watson

    @Robert Gill 馃槕馃槕馃槕

    Ryan McAdams

    @Patrick Surtian II go get it brother

    Amy Bright

    It was the correct pick!


    Couldn鈥檛 agree more

Hayden Raley

Y鈥檃ll gotta remember.. we won a championship with a defense

    Completely Lucid

    That argument can only hold for so long. Yes we won a championship that way, but have missed the playoffs for what five years in a row now? If I can recall correctly, that same defense the next season went 9-7 because it couldn鈥檛 over compensate for everything the year prior. A horrible excuse to try and justify a move that makes no sense for us right now. Surtain should鈥檝e gone to a team who needed him more, and we should鈥檝e picked up fields. Plain and simple

    Solomon Grundy

    @Ron Kuykendall Justin Fields is not and will never be Tom Brady.
    Instead, he will be a receiver in four years like Terrell Pryor and Braxton Miller.

    Solomon Grundy

    @Completely Lucid Needed him? You do understand Fuller and Callahan are on one year deals?
    How many times did they have the same secondary last year due to injuries?
    You don’t think you need solid CBs in todays NFL? In that division?
    You draft value at 9. Fields will have no value.


    Ohhhhh, stop. You gotta remember only scoring 17 points gets you no more than 5 wins. Get ready for 5-12.

    Completely Lucid

    @Solomon Grundy Of course it鈥檚 a value pick, but not in the position we鈥檙e in. When you鈥檙e undecided at your qb position that is always first priority. You can draft all kinds of different positions but none will change a franchise more than a qb position. And yes they are on one year deals but that doesn鈥檛 mean none of them will get resigned, your argument is based on if we don鈥檛 sign any of them again which is completely ludicrous. Like are you actually stupid or do you like just defending this team no matter what they do?

Jaden R.

This secondary馃ザ


    Will still get torched occasionally and our offense is absolutely garage. 5-12 at best.

    Jaden R.

    @銈点偟銉熴儰 insert bruh gif



    Spike Films

    @銈点偟銉熴儰 ah yes garage

Carlos Villezcas

“Defense wins championships.”

Bro, we still need to score points, at least a couple. Lol

We better be getting Rodgers.


    He鈥檚 not getting traded


    We’re SCREWED. We will be swept by the Chiefs and we will go 4-13.

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    Nah we need to get JOK, and then get a receiver or safety. We got offensive weapons Sutton, jeudy, hamlmer, Big O, Fant,Lindsay and Gordon its not a bad group of guys, yeah getting another top receiver would put us over the top but our defense will be top 5

Kris Usrey

A great pic, but if we don鈥檛 land Rodgers I might freak out a little

    Whitey O'Banion

    @Ayden Xavier It wasn’t because of his tweets, he actively was speaking to their FO and prompted them to accept the 49ers offer. You should read up before spouting off at the mouth.


    Absolutely HORRIBLE pick. We will be swept by the Chiefs and go 5-12 at best.


    We aren鈥檛 getting Rodgers. I think this was a great pick. We finally just replaced champ bailey.

    Oilers4 Life

    Omg can鈥檛 wait to get rodgers


    I don鈥檛 think people realize it鈥檚 not up to the GM. If Aaron wants out, then Aaron gets out lol. What, Is the team going to hold him hostage? In case you haven鈥檛 seen yet, Aaron is stubborn. Not saying we get him, but there鈥檚 not zero chance.

ian isaac

Glad we got him. This is a solid pick……but Rodgers is tantalizing….

Denver Broncos Mile High View

Try not to get burned over the top. Good Lock.

Jerry Jeudy

I love this pick! A little bummed cause the pass on Fields but this guy is so worth it I can鈥檛 wait to see him in practice!!


    He’s dog water compared to fields.


    Your a fake 馃槓馃摳


    Lmfao yet another Broncos marketing team fake profile .

    Jerry Jeudy

    @Ali I did it for fun to reply to someone who was pretending to be Patrick Surtain bro you don鈥檛 have to get so pressed 馃拃


    @Jerry Jeudy lol


Wish we could’ve gotten Fields, but I still like this pick. Surtain is a very good player, excited to see him play.

    Whitey O'Banion

    I didn’t want a QB but I’d take Fields 100 out of 100 times over Surtain.


    We could have, and should have. Now it’s time to get Swept by the Chiefs again and go 5-12, because the broncos don’t like scoring TDs.

Extremely Hated

Idk who he is but I got faith in every NFL player. They can unlock there true potential skill even tho it might come at hard training & time. But trust me it鈥檚 worth it good luck on the Broncos bro I鈥檒l be watching 馃挮 can鈥檛 wait too see you do ya thang 馃捀馃捀馃捀馃捀. Folks don鈥檛 sleep 馃挙 on these young athletes

i have no name

man we had fields but surtan is dope cant wait

Ivan Cruz

Let鈥檚 go!!! He鈥檚 gonna be one of the top cbs in the league


    He’ll be 4th on the depth chart for at least a year, so he’s not doing anything to help the broncos right now.


    @銈点偟銉熴儰 you on the Broncos coaching staff?? There’s training camp, OTAs, Preseason that will determine who gets placed where on the depth chart….we don’t know anything yet.

    Ivan Cruz

    @銈点偟銉熴儰 yeah as if our dbs weren鈥檛 destroyed by injuries last year. And Callahan and Darby have durability issues

felix romero

fangio got his guy lets gooo

Eric Kennedy

No Fly Zone is back!!

Francisco M.

Excelente selecci贸n de Pat Surtain mil felicidades le deseo en el team. Saludos desde M茅xico fan #1 de Denver Broncos


best CB in the draft is right coach fangio! this defense is gonna be scary, can鈥檛 wait to see who we get on day 2


I think my fellow fans are dreaming with this Rodgers thing. That said I love this pick and am fine with riding with Lock again.

    Eureka 007

    Peyton made us dreamers, everyone is kind of hoping history repeats itself.

Shawn Riccelli

This was a great pick! Good job Broncos!

Nick Tuttle

In a division with Mahomes and now Herbert this was a very good pick.

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