First Look at Antonio Brown’s Frostbite, Charles Woodson Mentors Johnathan Abram | NFL Hard Knocks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Keegan Patterson


Jeremy May

It should be very fun to watch can’t wait

Arkham _Raider

C-Wood the GOAT!! #24

    Raw Swisher

    -Z3us – lmao no. That’s a hard no ed reed was still 2x the player Charles was by far.


    @Raw Swisher agree for me Troy and reed are up near the top

    Raw Swisher

    taylor860gang I’m a Steelers fan Troy was great our best DB ever but he’s not the greatest SS ever pretty sure he’s top 3 but Ronnie Lott was just the goat and Steve Atwater was one of the best too and ed reed is the greatest FS tho having to see him 2 times a year maybe 3 in the post season was always tough him Ray and Suggs gave the Steelers their best effort.


    @Raw Swisher agree that’s what I said near the top also a Steelers fan. Troy was awesome to watch and always loved those Ravens Steelers slugfest

    -Z3us -

    Raw Swisher Charles Woodson was a better tackler , Reed was better in coverage , but if u look at the Stats ,Charles was a beast

Travis O'Hern

Always thought Sean Mcvay sounded like Jon Gruden.

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Who keeps counting down until the season starts?

A Falcons Fan


Oh. Nvm.

203rd. Yesssss


Did antonio brown just say his foot got circumcised? Bruh

    Goku Black

    Isn’t that kinda nasty…

    Jack Scanlan


    Goku Black

    @renzo 27 🤣

    Franc Mittelo

    He probably meant “amputated.” The more interesting question is how did his feet get to this stage?
    He has been showing us all these videos of how he trains, and etc. So, I thought he had doctors and healthcare professionals checking his health at regular intervals.
    How do you get to the point where your condition gets that bad?
    This is like a guy who meticulous takes care of his car waking one morning to notice that one the side panels is rusted. He is obviously not that meticulous with his car.


Bro how can I see hard knocks without cable ??!!!

    Mark Wood

    Buy an HBO subscription.


    @elMetusalem I’ve looked 4 it but nothing shows up


    @Spack Yellah and which ones are safe and easy to use? That’s the fuckery part

    Lil Lysol

    Korvus if you have iPhone u can download this app called app valley from safari or google and from the app download this app called media box were you can watch it and other shows and new movies too 👍🏽



Roxastothemansion 21

I like antonio said that we should feel bad for him, I don’t think a single soul in this universe feels bad for him

MALO_ 213

Let’s go RAIDERSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

raider nation full moon records

C wood legendary


    Yup. Amazing


Rep that 24 well


C Wood T_T

forreal pat

My homeboy. CW
😁 lol
Real recognize real.
That’s all it is.

Stay up.
Music soon.
FREE artist: Foreal Pat

Jon M

That toe will have it’s own Hall of Fame Bust in Canton.


Antonio “Frostbite in August” Brown


What’s bigger: Brown’s IQ or his hat size?

Terencio Reid

Dude look like T.I. And damn near sound like em too.

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

NFL: you need to wear his helmet
AB: nah

NFL: but what if you get CTE?
AB: I already got it

NFL: you right

Watts Raider

From Experience. That huge blister under his foot was filled with fluid and had to be drained and dried out to remove dead skin. He also has blisters on his big toe and his baby toe prob . So yea it’s gonna be hard to run and cut without pain.

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