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Sean Johnson



Mel Kiper likes Fields over Wilson which means the Jets made the right pick!

    Nate Dagreat

    @Dino988 agree bro he’s sharp when it comes to qbs


    @Nate Dagreat yea and Kiper is nothing more than a loudmouth hack. ESPN loves hiring those types

    Savage Cabbage 13

    @Dino988 wilson

    Daniel ODell

    Also Colin Cowherd doesn’t like Zach very much WHICH IS ALSO A GREAT SIGN LETS GOOOO

Yung Bandit

Let’s goooooooo


Welcome to NY!!! So happy to have you here!

Will M

Welcome to the NYJ


He too pretty for the jets lmao

Jarod P


Bruno Helvetika

The right pick was to trade it for 6 starters lol. I wish the kid well. I also wish him luck. He’s gonna need it with this dumpster fire.


    This was the right pick This team is far better than you think

    Carmelo El bori's way

    @VMan29397 I agree and we should take Teven Jenkins with the 34th pick Ik it sucks no 3rd rd pick but we have two 4ths we go CB from Cuse or linebacker or maybe both


    @Carmelo El bori’s way nah we need JOK cashman can’t be starting

Ken McNichols

Good luck bro! J E T S!

Tyler Borg

he played high school football with my brother

The Bennett Family

Go jets 🛫✈️🛩

Carmelo El bori's way

If we get Teven Jenkins we will have literally 3 first rounders on the offensive line because that 34th pick is just two picks out of the 1st rd. Becton, AVT, and Jenkins!!

    Presence Level

    omgggg imagine lol

Sly11B Enal

Awesome! Let’s see who is built around/for #1

Tyler Johns

Let’s Gooooo!!!! Followed all the way through BYU and will follow all the way through NFL!

Michael Reyes

Who’s going to start the season as qb ?


King Zach!

Toni Kroos Assisting You Since 1990

Zack 5th Avenue

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