Finally In Pads | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Justin D

Pay Zeke please get him in pads as well.

Ryan_k_o 69

“ finally in pads”

Shows only kicker and a few handoffs

Anthony Rayford

Dak is improving trash with Zeke BT just trash without him we making a bad move not paying Zeke rn


“in the media department”

Here, just throw a few random clips of training camp to an annoying music loop, and awkward adr of a couple guys saying “Happy Birthday Dak” and some cheap final cut transition effects, and we’ll throw it on the youtubes for views. I hope y’all aint payin whoever made this cuz, damn. Not up to America’s Team’s standard my dudes.


Rey Roman

Happy G Day Dak!! Lets Get It, Huh!!

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