Final Drive: Lamar Jackson hopes to follow Patrick Mahomes’ Path – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Final Drive: Lamar Jackson hopes to follow Patrick Mahomes’ Path

In his second season as full time starter, Patrick Mahomes followed up his MVP from the year before with a Super Bowl championship. The Ravens hope Lamar Jackson does the same.

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coleman holley

I can see it

coleman holley

You can do it Lamar

Carter Rickman


Sam Dath

I hope we get to the super bowl 55 go ravens

    Kevin Durant The New Knick 35

    Sam Dath can’t wait for romo to do superbowl 55




Shes hasnt been as enthusiastic after that loss to the titans😖


    Obduracy yeah you can tell she’s ready for next season. All the ravens have been acting this way too.


    Obduracy they’re going to something special this year. All of them have the right attitude and are serious.


    @Kam ikr and all of the guys that are from florida realy want to win a superbowl in their home state and next season superbowl will be the last in florida for a while

    Arrowsverse /gaming

    Obduracy that’s he’s girlfriend 😂

Ben Valenzuela

Gonna be a great year again. Chiefs don’t have that much cap space so they’re definitely gonna use it on Mahomes. Us however already locked down most of our offense, and have a lot higher cap to spend so it’s gonna be fun.

    Chief Mario

    All of our chiefs weapons on offense is locked down through next season our biggest fa are chris jones and breeland

    ManBearPig YT

    @Chief Mario yeah y’all aren’t gonna get them back

Leroy Worsley

Yes indeed! Lamar Action Jackson’s First SUPERBOWL will be next Season! Mark my Words!

    Rock Solid

    He has to get at least one win in the Playoffs first lol can’t keep losing to mediocre teams

    Nathan Dotson

    Leroy Worsley you can’t compare him to Mahomes they’re not on the same level mahomes is like three times better at the quarterback position maybe if you switch positions he’ll have more success

    Ms Sandy

    Kansas City fans enjoy your win and stop being jerks. Act like champions and not chumps. Be gracious.

    Pho You

    __________ you can’t handle the truth Lmaoo Mahomes is way better than Lamar

Kai Sommers

Lamar only 23, give him some time,( like another year) and he’ll get a ring

    Pho You

    Kai Sommers If he gonna win a ring he’s gonna have to get past Mahomes that’s for sure. I don’t see that happening


    @Pho You Just because you lack the vision doesn’t make it impossible.


That same night I Drop My First Madden 20 Mixtape


They dont have the same arch mahomes 1st yr starting he won mvp lamar 2nd yr he won mvp . Mahomes came within a penalty short of a superbowl his 1st yr starting Lamar lost his 1st playoff game . Mahomes won 4 postsean games Lamar hasnt won one dont compare the two its laughable

    the legendztruth

    Lamar didn’t start his entire rookie season. Only 7 games. They are saying first full year as a starter so they are accurate. You’re just a hater. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens WILL win the Superbowl next year.

    byron peterkin

    Idiot they both fell short of the super bowl though 🤔 stop trying to hate

    ManBearPig YT

    This was Lamar’s first full season you idiot and he won mvp. He’s 20-3 in his starts. Everyone knows mahomes played horrible in the Superbowl and should have lost.

ryan damon

Hi ravens 🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜🏈🏈

Kevin Hargrave

Trust me our Ravens will have another great year next season & we’ll be in Super Bowl 55 #BigTruss

Angel Light

Dont ever say that!! Your way better than that fool!!

Travis Brown

Take his own path


I hope we can get there as well.  I just hope some of us don’t get too far ahead of ourselves by buying SB tickets.  Whew I can’t imagine for those that did that and the disappointment. It still stings a little but  I just keep remembering they didn’t expect Lamar to be good at all, they said we would be 8-8 so I’m still proud #Flocknation!

Nathan Dotson

He got outplayed in the skills challenge by two receivers imitating the position he play he not no fuking quarterback

    Donovan Garrett

    You really think hes concerned with a skills competion lol..
    Unanimous MVP as a Quarterback. 2nd in history

    Chris Windham

    “No fuking quarterback” dog he had 36 PASSING touchdowns.

    Ms Sandy

    The ignorance of these Lamar haters is amazing. Do they realize how stupid they sound? 🙄

Kenneth Ulep

I think it’s actually mahomes 3rd season

    o Mauii

    2nd full season starting

    Pho You

    Kenneth Ulep it’s only his 2 season starting bro

Ms Sandy

Give Lamar better weapons, improve the offense, fix the defense and let’s hope the coaches don’t wimp out in the playoffs. 😜Go Ravens!🤩

Ck T

I hope Lamar follows Lamar path.

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