Film Session | BREAKDOWN of Falcons vs Texans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
John Smith

Falcons D-fensive draft picks have been C-grade & we see the culmination of it playing out. If Dmitroff has acquiesce to Quinn’s draft choices, now they’re inseparable twins. If Quinn goes Dmitroff should too. 100% regime change.

Gary Turbo

Ryan screwed up again

    Charles Robinson

    Gary Turbo it wasn’t Matt Ryan though

    Gary Turbo

    He didn’t pass to Freeman when he was open and he overthrew the pass to Jones

    Charles Robinson

    Gary Turbo We still would’ve lost…

Soldi3r Of God

This play starts and ends with DT 96. He has to put himself us the A-gap either the right or left A-gap. If he does that then Deion jones and kemal fill their gaps and that play goes for 2 yards at most

guero christopher maldonado

Can you breakdown why DQ is still the head coach? Now that’s a very interesting play


Deshaun Watson already gave us the breakdown after he broke us down. From our ball boy to making us drink more tall boys how he decapitated us

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

Why the hell would Ishmael jump inside instead of filling the gap and make the stop? if anything, force the runner back inside where you have help and not let him shoot the gap and get outside for a big gain… that should’ve been a 2yd gain at best smh 😔😳😧😩

Matt Tait

Do you think Deion Jones should of had the inside and told Ishmael to just stick to the outside? This play could of been stopped but hats off to Texans for executing well.

Cody Paul

Please burn ALL of these films!!!!!


Why bother watching this? I already know what’s wrong. EVERYTHING


Thank you DJ Shockley, for the breakdown! i always enjoy the videos.

David Chambers

I thought DQ was a great DC but man this defense acts like they head is up they a#%

cesar marceleno

This is like a dumb video, I’m not interested in this I’m interested in how we going to regain the season back 😒

    Michael Thomas

    Plot twist. We aren’t.

    guero christopher maldonado

    I spent all year waiting for this season….now I gotta wait till next August.

    Michael Thomas

    @guero christopher maldonado tell me about it. Then I see Brees go down and get hyped that the door is open to the playoffs to only be let down.

Jaden Neal

How do you have a coach a defense as Good as Seattle’s in the Super Bowl, and then have a defense as bad as ours this year

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