Film Session | BREAKDOWN of Falcons @ Colts Week 3 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Its Moises

Speedy recover for Keanu #22 🙏


Damn Keanu Neal really out again

Mike Smith

And it all lead to another road lost…….

Raymond Elder

Any more fire Dan Quinn comments

Review That

film session, dont give the ball to ridley at all and lose. class dismissed

C Smith

Let’s get that L this Sunday!

Chris Myers

Let’s Go Colts!


Who cares we lost smh


Plain vanilla zone was so easy for the Colts to attack

Nba YoungGoat

a highlight play from a lost 😂😂😂


This game was a tale of two halves for real; a bad first half and great second half. BUT, we could’ve (and probably should have) come out with a win had it not been for the unbelievable amount of penalties (and some at really, really bad times). We could’ve even overcome a really bad interception in the redzone (again) that took points away from us and ultimately led to points for the Indy. Please focus on cutting out the penalties and turnovers and we’ll be just fine. Oh, and I wouldn’t complain about seeing an end to the explosive plays given up on defense as well.

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