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The music is a little loud, makes it harder to focus on you, Bryan.

    Henry Hill

    Music is too loud

    sleep depp vegas


    Ced 214

    It was sorta loud but I could hear him fine

    Derek Mccreight


Az Smith

I really like the breakdowns on this show…

Marvin Adams

Turn the music down.


So, genuine question, why is Woods allowed to tackle Shepherd once Eli becomes a runner?

Oh, and how’bout them Cowboys?!

    j mert_58

    @James Granted Eli is behind the line of scrimmage in this particular case, but Eli is no longer looking to throw the ball, he is looking to run the ball, so there aren’t any eligible receivers down field. That is how I mam reading the situation.


    @Kyle Cornett ah, great. Thanks for that! In which case, deffo a great play by Woods. Cheers Kyle.

    j mert_58

    @James Again, i could be wrong, but that is how i am interpreting the play.

    Michael Maldonado

    I’m a cowboy fan and we got bailed out. You can’t tackle someone that doesn’t have the ball. So it’s annoying that he keeps saying it was smart of woods.

    But it wasn’t like he wrapped up. It was a bang bang play. He thought manning was gonna throw it but didn’t.
    It was a weird situation but no you can’t just take out a receiver just cause the QB Is out of the pocket.

    So pretty much. Can’t tackle someone that doesn’t have the ball.


    Here’s what I think some of you may be missing…Yes, once the QB becomes a runner you can BLOCK players, so there is no illegal contact, but you can’t just illegally block someone in the back or tackle them. We got away with one if you ask me.


Music in the background is pretty loud lol

    Law Nation

    S/O to you NINI

    House of Mods210

    …I feel like I’m watching an old Conan movie…😂😂

John Crabtree

Looked like gallop was wide open for a td

Calvin Williamson

Music (in this particular case) is a distraction.

Henry A

Thanks for this AWESOME breakdown. Very awesome.

Mario Garcia

The cobb throw is nice but Gallup was wide open for a TD

    Mario Garcia

    @joshmanny24 so you talk to Moore and he told you Dak was meant to throw it there. Stop. It’s all speculative. You can throw to a spot knowing a player will break the route when you expect it is all I’m saying. He had 2 good plays to choose from and chose one of those two. But I will not get on here as if I know where that ball was meant to go lol come on now.


    @Mario Garcia Daks been “missing” receivers since his rookie season.. Nobody will admit the fact that each overthrown ball that was called uncatchable, was better off left uncatchable because of the risk factor. Dak hates interceptions with a passion. He doesn’t even practice with dbs bcause he considers that getting intercepted (courtesy of miss peggy r.i.p) look it up, but still, Dak never takes risks. Which is why he has an NFL record of the most passes with out getting intercepted since getting into the league, which is a record that was once held by yours truly Tom Brady.

    Mario Garcia

    @joshmanny24 🤷‍♂️ we see things differently. Thanks for the civil convo. Rare nowadays especially when it comes to Dak.


    @Mario Garcia i appreciate ya bud. On to the next.

    Mario Garcia

    @joshmanny24 check out my Cowboys channel (T.G.K TV) I did a vlog at the Game btw.

Eli's Two Cents

The thumbs down on the video are from the Giants Secondary

Armando Clark

When u play madden and pause it background music 📯🎷🎺

Kevin Nilson

Decent content, turn down that cheesy background music!

QRoo 1

If the giants run with Saquon thats a 1st down or TD, but they tried to get cute. Bad idea


Music is too loud, makes it hard to hear him


Got one of the best backs in the league, and it’s 4th and 1.

“Let’s not give it to him!”

“Good call, Coach!”


    And, frankly, the Cowboys hyped D gave up a HEAP of yardage in this game too – Barkley could’ve ran the hell all over them(granted, the Cowboys D is REAL DEAL in the red zone), yet they barely even put it in his hands. Mind blowing.

    The more time passes, the more Gettleman is beginning to look like the vaguely sane one in New York(real talk: no matter what your opinion of the Daniel Jones draft, he’s legitimately proven more capable than ANYONE ever thought he could be), Shurmur taking more and more of the ineptitude. Never hearing Gettleman attempting to explain anything ever again would still be too soon though…


    @RyTrapp0 Totally agree. The Giant’s offensive coordinator should be fired for not giving the ball more to Saquon.

    WTF was he saving him for?

    Ricardo Oviedo

    @RyTrapp0 This Cowboys team will probably give up a lot of yards but it’s been that way since Marinelli took over. His philosophy is bend but don’t break. They’ll limit the big play and hold off an offense in the red zone.

Joe Funk

Why the music??? It’s a total distraction!!!

BISHIPgreg davis

That music is extremely distracting
Please turn it down if you can’t turn it off O


Good video but music is too loud…. also… maybe update for better music lol

Atlas Latest

I love your work! You show things I can’t find anywhere else! Keep it up.


Eh gallup had separation but there was a safety over the top too. Idk if he was getting a td lol

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