Film Room: What Will The 2019 Jon Gruden Offense Look Like This Sunday? | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: What Will The 2019 Jon Gruden Offense Look Like This Sunday? | Minnesota Vikings

Former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich joins Paul Allen on this week's "Vikings GamePlan" to break down what Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden likes to do with his offense and what the Vikings can expect this Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium.

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Austin Macon Reply

First here

Tykendra Tuco Reply

We lose

    FakeUser NameTwo Reply

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the whole team meltsdown or does’n’t show up

    Tenno Tube2 Reply

    Kirk cousins gonna choke probably let’s just run

Ryan Damon Reply

Gm Vikings 🖤🖤💛💛

vnbound Reply

if we have kirk we lose, what fucking genius got rid of teddy and case and picked up that washed old man

Nerdyz World Reply

If we loose..just throw the whole team away.

    Tenno Tube2 Reply

    Just like the bills this would be really sad

    Nerdyz World Reply

    @Tenno Tube2 yass! Lol

joseph Jenkins Reply

Vikings win 26-17

Skoldier Soup Reply

Just dont force the pass on 1st down in the red zone please.

    Tenno Tube2 Reply

    Unless they wide open and if there’s double coverage throw to the receiver that could of gotten SOME YARDS.

Jack Donovan Reply

Vikings 28 to 14

Cj Williams Reply

This has trap all over it. Vikes should manage though.

Daniel Simmons Reply

I do love that Kirk understands he is not playing well he did last year so let’s hope he can return to form

George Jefferson Reply

At least there’s no Antonio Brown

Bailey Fletcher Reply

If we end up losing against the raiders, I’m going to hang myself

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