Film Room: The Green Bay Packers’ Defense Was Outstanding In Week 1, But… – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: The Green Bay Packers’ Defense Was Outstanding In Week 1, But…

Former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich joins Paul Allen to break down film on the Green Bay Packers' revamped defense and examine what that talented group does so well.

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Ryan Damon

SKOL πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›



Christopher Pool

Yea we know and that goes for bears defense too!


Skol Vikings! 🏈

George Jefferson

Let’s go!

Tyler Ireland

Anything that comes before the word but is bullshit.

Rob Krueger

Maybe I’m out of the loop or not following the correct channels but I haven’t seen or heard much discussion on the injury Rhodes sustained during the Falcons game.

    Derpy Name

    Because it’s the norm he’s been limping for like 48 games straight it seems like


As a packers fan I dont mind a little bit of critiscim. That’s how you learn and grow.


    It will be a good game.

    Big Bruva

    howdyusa stfu


    @PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS that’s for sure. Sometimes I envision a close battle and other times I think blowout and one team making the other look silly. Last year was some really good games. I’ve always thought Harrison smith is the heart and soul of that team. The key to winning imo is to just completely avoid that guy. The minute he starts making plays or big hits it can change the game.


    @PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS Atlanta sure didnt do us any favors. You guys absolutely dominated them in every aspect of the game. Special teams. Offense. Defense. So now the vikings will be rolling into Lambeau with a full head of steam. Its gonna be one of the most talked about games of the week.


    @howdyusa I agree it’s gonna be insane, both teams are hungry. When that happens it’s a clash of two teams giving it their all.



Wilson Lysford

PA on the mic is so cringy… Stick to the radio bud…

Aaron Brandt

Why does the overall tone of this video sound like they are afraid that the packers actually have a defense this year? I’m not convinced yet that the Packers D is legit top 10-15, but time will tell. If they are top 10, watch out NFC North because last time A-Rod had a top 10 defense they were SB champions!

Mr Savage

U already know the Packers are ready to crush I mean c’mon we have D and Aaron rodgera

cody newburgh

That was the first play of the game for the Bears offense, and that hole closed quick. Lol

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