Film Room: The Good and The Bad of New York Giants Rookie QB Daniel Jones | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: The Good and The Bad of New York Giants Rookie QB Daniel Jones | Minnesota Vikings

Former player and coach Pete Bercich joined Paul Allen on this week's " GamePlan" to the good and the bad of rookie QB and what the can expect this Sunday.

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Theo Freier


Snow Tire

Must have been taped earlier, no Diggs bashing. Rosie and Leber were rampant with it this morning on Power Trip and 92Noon. And PA chimes in with, “what in the world could Diggs possibly be frustrated aboutzzza”. A person could get more OBJECTIVE Vikings info from a 15 minute Randy Shaver segment on 93X. Time for the Wilfs to step in and get a new flagship station. Sad really.


    diggs just got a huge contract, had his first 100 catch 1,000 yard season thanks to kirk and we were also 2-2 the same year we went 13-3. nothing matters until the o line is fixed. but diggs has absolutely nothing to complain about, he has better stats then adam(this year) and just had his best statistical season. if he cant accept that wins are more important than you know what he should be bashed.

    Snow Tire

    @BaronVonBielski I suppose you’re right about the line, although Kevin Seifert of ESPN put out some stats that maybe Kirk has more time than we realize. It’s sad to see “Under Center” get ridiculed in the national sports media, hopefully Rosie has enough awareness to maybe put the kabosh on this show. Hope they get their 1st road win Sunday.

Tee Moncrief

Stevie wonder ain’t feeling Kirk

WolfCastle Wolfcastle

Screw the disguise! Just pound him into the dirt all day!! He can’t do nothin from the ground.


    WolfCastle Wolfcastle perfect way to describe Kirk Cousins


Danny Dimes gonna wreck yall

Amiyah Sanders


gary cobiak

Lots of Zone blitzes

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