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OTB Mods

we need to get better .

James Lisle

Let’s Go Giants!

Big Blue Squad

Dalvin & Dex will be a great future duo

    Chubb Mixon

    What future? 2020 is literally Tomlinson’s last year under contract. He’s not being resigned.
    So you mean Lawrence/Williams, not Lawrence/Tomlinson.

    Chubb Mixon

    @C Will He absolutely is not getting extended. They’re going to sign Leonard Williams this offseason. Wake up.

    Lucas Martinez

    Can’t see why they both can’t stay on the team. Especially if Williams’ contract isn’t too pricy. Tomlinson has been the Giants’ best defensive lineman for a few years now. Mixon YOU need to wake up if you don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    Isaiah Ling

    Chubb Mixon ur an idiot.

Jeffrey Abbey

Sign him and lock him up

Him and Dex plus Leonard Williams will be a problem

Just need some LBs!

    Chubb Mixon

    @The KI They’re about to give Leonard Williams a monster contract. He plays the same position as Tomlinson. They invested another #17 pick and another 3rd round pick (Hill) on the D-Line. They’re not resigning Tomlinson. Wake up.

    Chubb Mixon

    @The KI He’s clearly not Top 2 DL on NYG. Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams are both better, and they are the foundation of the Defense for years to come.

    Lucas Martinez

    If Williams wants a monster contract, he’s probably gone.

    Kung fu Kenny

    Chubb Mixon Williams doesn’t play nose tackle clown. Lawrence is too talented to play nt exclusively and bj is depth peice. Ain’t no way in hell we don’t resign dalvin lol. He’s a top 10 nose tackle

Knuckles 000

This guy has been our best interior lineman since he’s got here


wow. no penalty in his 3 yr. career? wow!

Sean Bills

Forget Williams extend Dalvin!


No penalties in 3 years and hasn’t missed a game. It seems he is getting better also especially as a pass rusher. Discipline and focus. I hope they bring him back. 💯💯🏈✌

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