Feeling Empty After Close Week 3 Loss to Rams | Cleveland Browns Daily 9/23 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Feeling Empty After Close Week 3 Loss to Rams | Cleveland Browns Daily 9/23

Browns great Joe Thomas joins Beau Bishop and Nathan Zegura in studio for the entire show to break down the Browns loss to the Rams on Sunday night football.

Cleveland Browns Daily is hosted by Browns senior media broadcaster Nathan Zegura and Emmy award-winner Beau Bishop. It offers comprehensive coverage and analysis of the team both on and off the field, broadcast directly from the Browns’ facilities. The live stream is presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Brandon Vaughan Reply

After last night I’m convinced of my prediction of us going 1-6…2-5 _at best_ through the first seven. Then we get Hunt and the schedule gets _way_ easier. Dreaming of 9-7, but realistically it’ll be more like 6-10.

    Benjamin Turek Reply

    Well the Browns should easily be the second best team in the AFC North but I doubt that the Browns will beat the Ravens in either of their two matchups this year that said they should easily beat the Bengals and Steelers. The Browns will probably be 7 and 9 at worst 6 and 10


Fire Freddie Kitchens, you damned fools.

Swampy Turtle Reply

I really dont know what to think right now I’m a huge Mayfield fan but part of me is telling me he might not be as good as initially thought.

bobby Smith Reply

Do they ever practice???? Never have seen an offense with more false starts and illegal formations in my life. Why cant these superstar receivers get open and Baker needs to pull the trigger. The game looks to fast for him. Also a bunch of piss poor play calling.

    Eddy Fernandez Reply

    Agree with you I’m saying the same thing..

Scott O Reply

Protection? O line getting beat maybe 11 personnel. Maybe keep Chubb in the backfield? Maybe Hilliard too? Thank God defense stepped up.

Phillip Cox Reply

Last year’s Baker didn’t have OBJ….he’s too focused on trying to get the ball to OBJ rather than spreading it around like last year.

Anthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider Reply

The play-calling is not as bad as you all want to make it out.  YES, the 1st and Goal with 3 timeouts and not one run play call was horrendous.  That’s a given.  However, even the 4th and 9 draw was not as bad as you all scream.  The Rams were in a soft cover defense to stop passes and were not expecting the Browns to actually snap the ball.  The snap with 1 second was clever enough.  The problem was WHERE the play ran.  They ran the play behind Kush who is absolutely awful.  If Chubb runs left, behind Tretter, he has an easy 12-15 yard gain, maybe more.  If Kush makes his block, Chubb probably gets the 1st down and we’re now talking about what a brilliant and gutsy call.  Kush screwed up, as he does almost every snap.  There are some questionable calls- mostly on the excessive passing and not sticking with the run.  We also continue to run right more than left, and the right is the worst part of the OL.  The real problem is execution by the offensive line and Baker’s poor passing, as well as Baker not scrambling like last year.  If Baker would tuck the ball and run, rather than staying in the pocket behind a crumbling pocket, he might help the OL a bit.  A running QB backs off the pass rush.  He needs to run more- not called draws, but roll put passes and then run if the reads aren’t there, rather than waiting too long, then forcing the ball into good coverages.  The OL and Baker are the primary problems here

    Swampy Turtle Reply

    Yes baker has been struggling but i feel it’s more the inconsistent offensive line.You can see how baker was immediately running out of the pocket He doesn’t trust his line .

Thomas Watson Reply

Love watching, but you need to fix the sound issue……… thanks

tobiasgold2 Reply

Still no worries I believe it was said on this show at one point that. “The defense is going to be our strength to start the season…” It’s just gotten started. It’ll be okay. Go Browns!

Jack A Roe Reply

“This is not a must-win. World War II was a must-win.”
-Marv Levy

Jim Foster Reply

The media sucks. They’re scumbags, for the most part.

    Swampy Turtle Reply

    I think most people can get behind that 👌

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