Fantasy Football Basics

In a nutshell, fantasy football is a game with imagined football teams,  in imagined league,s played by real football fans. Teams are created by drafting professional NFL players, and points are scored according to the rules of the fantasy football league based on the weekly performance of the NFL players.

Here are some basics of the game that a beginning fantasy player might want to know:

Forming the League

To start a league,you must select your team owner. Your league can be composed of 8 to 16 owners, the more the merrier. It is typically preferred that there be an even number of team owners playing, so there wouldn’t be any bye weeks in your league. However, if your league has an odd number, consider suggesting that the team that does not have an opponent in a given week be played against the average of the rest of the league.

Second, you and your fellow team owners should decide on the type of league you are going to play. Rules are important and must be written, distributed, and followed by each owner. The members should agree on the rules before the season begins.

The league needs a commissioner. A commissioner is someone who can be a neutral party, and must not be a team owner your fantasy football league. The commissioner should be responsible and reliable,  someone who is willing to put the honor of the league before his own interests. All the team owners should approve the commissioner. Consider offering incentives to the person who takes this position.

When it comes to drafting, you can either use an auction draft or a serpentine draft. Whichever you choose, the owners should all agree upon it. Everyone should be present in the drafting day just before the start of the season.

The commissioner should start his job by entering the draft information of the teams into the website. He should make himself available and connected to the members of the league through phone, email, or the message board in the league’s website.

Every week lineups would be changed. If the owner has forgotten and haven’t set his lineups, his will be automatically the same as the week before.

Owners should compile scores based on the rules of the league and its scoring system. Nowadays, it’s done with the help of an league website.

Know how to make transactions. From the start of the season until  just before the playoffs, teams can drop and add players from their rosters. They can also trade with other team owners.

When it comes time fro the Final Showdown, teams with the highest fantasy points shall make it to the playoffs and progress to the Super Bowl. The worst team in the league may go to a Toilet Bowl.

Don’t forget that fantasy football is about making football fun. Choose good people in your league, people who love football, not money.

If you cannot find enough players there is always the option to join an internet league. Take your football friends with you and have them join the same league, this way you can all have fun without the required number of players.


There are many ways your team can score points in fantasy football.  The basic common scoring is by using the NFL method:

  • Six points for the player who receives or rushes a touchdown (TD).
  • Three or four points for players passing for a touchdown (TD)
  • Three points for any field goal (FG)
  • One and two point conversions for points after touchdown (PAT)
  • Six points for any TDs scored by Defense/Special Teams (DEF/ST)

The scoring is similar to the NFL method, so beginners can watch games and keep track of their scores by simply using a pencil and paper.  Television networks even help fantasy players by displaying fantasy stat trackers during game break updates.

For the subsequent weeks, your team will play other teams. Again, you should pick your lineup starters. Usually each team is composed of one quarterback (QB), two Running Backs (RB), two Wide Receivers (WR), one Tight End (TE) and one Defense/Special Team (DEF/ST). As the players on your team perform in the weekly games, you will also get points based on the scoring of your league. Results should be up after  Monday night games, and the team that gets the highest fantasy points that week wins.

The fantasy football games are played on regular basis every week and  usually last for the first 13-14 games of the NFL season. To decide who the champion is, fantasy players have their own fantasy football playoffs. On the 16th or 17th week, the winner of the league’s Super Bowl will be declared the champion.

Now it’s time to get started with Fantasy Football 101 

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